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Hi Pushkar,

A mobile robot is a vehicle looks like a 4 wheeler can be operated autonomously. These robots are driven by different type of drive system consists of motors, wheels and powered by battery. Most of these robots operated in manufacturing and warehousing industry, military, research and agriculture.


If need more information: www.xmachines.ai

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A robot is a machine than can undertake actions on behalf of a human and is ideal for repetitive, accurate tasks...they can be fixed to a desk or mobile.

Anything automated is - by definition - a robot if it fits the above criteria...e.g a motorised spit is a robot for turning meat over a heater....it is basic and limited in function, but it is a robot.

I think ....in the modern world we are all getting a little confused!

A high functioning automated robot would be a self-drive car...a low functioning robot something like the DaVincci Robot used in surgery...which is merely used to enhance control as a movement reducer (albeit on a highly controllable scale)...it is operated directly by a human surgeon and scales his movements to enhance control during surgery...despite its high capital cost, this has proven exceptionally cost effective as a result of reduced complication rates and enhanced recovery.  The self-drive car would be high functioning mobile, the daVincci, low functioning fixed.

Hope this helps

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