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I am currently designing a folding and a mobile table. I am applying basic static calculations in order to find the force that will cause the table to lose its balance and fall down.
Can anyone please guide me on how should I determine this force ?

Thank you, 


The force will applied on the edge, so at x=600












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Hi Danyhil


Its a simple moment calculation....the force of the weight of the table the moment (or hinge effect) against the fulcrum (in this case the corners).

As the castors are on the corners, any load that will cause the table to topple will be overhanging the edge.


1. find CoG

2. calculate moments to edge of table. (force time distance) 

3. Determine CoG of item being calculated and the distance from the fulcrum the force applies - calculate the moment.

If both moments apply in the same direction, they are balanced by the legs...if they are in different directions, it is down to whatever is the highest whether it topples or not....but as the legs are on the corners, the CoG would have to overhang which would cause the item ON the table to fall off before the table toppled anyway.



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