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Spring related problem, mass, stiffness, time, force and displacement



Kindly help me resolve this problem or at least give the equations that resolve it, I have no idea how is the relationship between spring stiffness or constant and time taking to make a specific displacement, so if you have the answer post it here and if you get to know the numerical solution kindly show it as well.

We have (see the picture):

1. A Compression spring fixed on one side to a reference. The spring free length is L.
2. An object of mass (m) attached to the spring.
3. A wall on which the mass (m) will be hitting.

Initially, the spring is at position (1) and the mass (m) have no velocity. When Force holding (m) disappear, The spring will push the mass (m) toward the wall with hatching lines. The distance traveled by the mass (m) is (x2-x1) and this distance took a duration of time equal to t.

- Spring free length: L
- F1: Force of spring when compressed by displacement x1
- F2: Force of spring when compressed by displacement x2

Data available:
- Mass : m = 125g = 0.125 Kg
- Duration : t = 0.6 s
- Force : F1 = 15 Newtons
- (x2-x1) = 3 cm = 0.03 meter

1- What is the amplitude of the Force F2 ?
2- What is the spring constant K ?

Thank You.


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Do you know about Newton's Second Law? If so, start there.


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