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Solution for attaching bicycle brake pads



I've lost a small screw from my bike for my OBE cartridges. It seems to be a common problem on road bike braking systems and so does stripping the screw heads.

Its a very small screw ( almost a grub screw). The supplier confirmed that its a M6 x 4mm long screw.

They either come loose or I end up rounding their heads, which is even worse because it makes changing the brake pads a nightmare. (I am using the right size Allen key) 

I'm looking for a different fastener, perhaps a bigger head or recess so that I don't round them. 

The screws are 4mm long, so not many stainless steel options.

Can someone recommend a solution please? 

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If you are serious about this, why not design a better screw and have a machine shop make some for you?

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Be VERY careful what you are screwing them into....if it is an aluminium carrier, you'll get some serious galvanic effects with stainless, particularly on a pushbike!  I think I know the screws you mean and on mine they ARE aluminium!

I would have taken a step back and gone for some good-quality graded-steel cap heads. they won't have the same galvanic issues as with stainless and you won't round the drive holes/cross head... 

Fortunately M4x6LG is a standard size.

Good luck!


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