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SCFM(Chenfeng Company) was established in 2004 in China,  which is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Dust-free Cleanroom Decoration Materials , containning three factories and one Design and Decoration Construction Company with Two Grades Qualification, and the main products are including  Metal Pattition Panel/partition wall, Metal Ceiling, Smoke Curtain, Metal windows&doors, Metal fireproof barrier, C style steel bracket, Aluminum Profile and their Hardwares etc, and the main products are certificated by USA  ASTM  E595-15 (Gas Permeability Testing)and ASTM E84 (Surface Flame Performace Testing).

All products are widely applied to Dust-free Cleanroom project of Electronic industry, Foods  Processing, Biopharmaceuticals, Biochemical and Petrochemicals, New Energy and aviation etc at home and abroad, and the key customers are including FOXCONN, Taiwan Semiconductor, Wistron, Sumsung, Huawei, Panasonic Semicondutor,BOE, HITACHI, SMIC and so on.

We have our own brand SCFM which has been registered in China, and the MAX Clean Class can be CLASS 10 ,

Welcome to work as agent in your place, more info, just access the web: www.cfmetal.com, info@cfmeta.com, 86-18914955830

product application.jpg

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