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Need help with Overhung shaft design


Hey everyone,

I'm having trouble calculating required shaft diameter for a design. Said design is a Centrifugal separator.

I'm hoping someone can help me out with figuring out what diameter shaft will be necessary for this design.

Shaft material: 304 SS (for sanitary reasons.. but can be changed to another SS material if need be)

RPM: 1800

Rotor weight: 70 Lbs

Rotor height: 22"

Rotor OD: 18"

Medium inside of Rotor: 30 Lbs Max


Rotor and shaft are run in a vertical fashion.

shaft will be subjected to a -50C to +25C temperature during normal operation depending on the process requirements.

Rotor is balanced to G6.3

We can assume that the medium inside the rotor may exhibit some off set loading anywhere from 1-2 Lbs 

Shaft dimensions are attached as well as the rotor assembly.

Center of mass for the rotor is on axis, 7.5 inches from the bottom of the rotor.(side closest to the shaft)

Ramp up/acceleration speed is very gradual. so torsion on shaft is negligible

Hopefully all the info is here. If not, I can provide more if required.

Thank you in advance!




bearing arrangment 1.PNG


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It appears that you are assuming that the material in the rotor remains almost centered. Why? Can it not all move to one side?


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