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Mechanical Engineering
Kamal adli

Young's modulus, shear modulus and Poisson's ratio identification for adhesive

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I have a question regarding the topic. I bought the structural adhesive (LOCTITE EA E-120HP) and use to assemble two carbon fiber parts. I would like to know how can I calculate the Young's Modulus, Shear modulus and  Poisson's ratio from the data they provide. They gave Elongation (ISO 527-2) as 10% and tensile strength (ISO 527-3) as 41N/mm^2. Also can I find the density from the specific  gravity given? More information can be found from the attached file.

Thank you.

EA E-120HP-EN.pdf

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Hi Kamal


They have given the tensile strength....and the material specific shear strength on p2. The Poissons ration can be back calculated from this.  Youngs is a little more problematic...no info. but hopefully this helps.  


That said it may not be the best solution for carbon fibre...even if it is, make sure you do your surface prep!


Have you tried emailing their technical help team...?

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Thank you for your answer. I already contacted the manufacturer but that is all the information they can provide. For now the calculation that I used to obtain the Young's modulus is by using the given tensile strength and elongation data provided. 

E = Stress/Strain = 41MPa/0.1 = 410MPa

where stress is taken from tensile strength as 41MPa and strain is by converted from elongation as 0.1.

For the density I calculate by using the specific gravity

ρ=SG×ρ_w=1.1(997)=1096.7k g/m^3

Is it correct? Also how can I find the Poisson's ratio? could you elaborate more about this.

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