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Plastic bearings lasting longer?


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I was reading an article about rotary bearings and I was surprised to find out that injection moulded plastic bearings (made from POM) often last longer than metal equivalents. (Except in high load or high temperature applications). Is this because solely because of their corrosion resistance and chemical resistance? Does anyone have any experience in with plastic bearings? 

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With some bearings, plastic has a reduced coefficient of friction (but only on low loading)

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I understand that there is less friction and no need for lubrication, but is there something about crystalline structure developing in a certain way on the raceways if they are fully molded? BNL bearings for example, claim that there plastic bearings have better wear rates than the equivalent machined plastic bearings such as igus for example.



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I think the article said something about moulded plastic bearings lasting longer because they are more corrosion resistant and maintain a constant and reduced coefficient of friction compared to metal versions. I can't find the article anymore, but igus have published something similar about their machined plastic bearings being long lasting too https://www.machinedesign.com/materials/article/21835812/five-reasons-to-use-plastic-bearings 


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