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I used to teach a course at university on process optimization. There are several simple problems that can be solved using Excel. For example, it takes so long to produce X and a different time to produce Y and another time to switch over from one to the other. If you must produce a total of Z, what is the optimal approach? The Tom's cracker factory is less than a mile from my house. [Sadly, they have since closed )-;] They made cheese and also peanut butter crackers on the same machines and it takes a while to switch over. There is also a factory in town that makes plastic door mats and also special mats to use at the driving range to whack golf balls. That is also done on the same machine. Shutting the machine down and bringing it up again wastes $15,000; so the decision is not made lightly. I have attached a few spreadsheets, of course, one of them must be McDonalds Big Mac and fries!

AutoAssembly.xls cabinets.xls carsales.xls mcdonalds.xls WhittWindowCo.xls

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