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hmm - initially I'd be reliant on the forge test sheets - if you request when you purchase it is easy for the manufacturer/distributor to supply. 

If they are not available, its a testing machine, but that's not ideal...different forms have differing specs for the same material due to crystalline structure, cooling factors, work hardening, area in billet the sample taken from and any number of additional affecting criteria!  

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I am currently carrying out a placement at BM Engineering Supplies based in Glasgow, Scotland. This firm supply industrial equipment to many sectors including food and beverage industries, distilling etc. Just wondering where will I learn the most in terms of real life hands on experience? I am learning loads at BM Engineering Supplies but would love to find/discover my specialism! 

I have attached a link if anyone wants to offer advice! 

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Good morning Pratap,

To answer your question, it would depend on the stainless steel that you are using, 306, 314, etc..

You can always do a tensile strength test on a lab and look at the elastic region on a graph and calculate the modulus of elasticity of the material E=stress/strain.

Also there is a good online materials information resource website: www.matweb.com 

Hope this helps.


Kind regards,

Ricardo Santos

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