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Need help finding the right motor!

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I live on a large lake where gas motors are not allowed. The lake is far too large to make the 5mph speed limit of a trolling motor, practical. So I need your help in building a faster electric motor😁


I took a small 2-stroke outboard motor and removed the engine from the top. 
(Pictures down below)

The power source I plan on using is 1-2 12v deep cycle marine batteries wired in parallel.

NOW, I am looking at options as far as motors. 

-AC Induction motor? If using, will I need an inverter? or a Variable-Frequency inverter?

-Brushless DC?

and now I have to figure out how to make, said motor, turn that shaft in the picture.. (Input greatly appreciated)

This project has been overwhelming due to my lack of knowledge on this subject, but I have learned so much already! and hopefully with your help my dream will finally come true (Speeding at 20MPH to my favorite fishing spot😁👌👍)


Your input is greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!





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Any sort of  electric motor will require a source for the electricity. Electric motors have long fascinated the US Navy, particularly because of their control-ability. I'm not sure where that all stands today (I retired quite a while ago from the Navy civil service), but while I was there, the general conclusion that the weight and heat generated to manipulate the electric power required a second boat to carry it and supply the main boat through a long extension cord.

I think you are likely out of luck on this problem.


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You need a simple electric motor attached to a gearbox preferably scooter type gearbox to increase output speed. Just suggesting.and get AAA 1.2 volts batteries connected in series to give you 12 volts then in parallel to give you boost.you can find spacers in Amazon to help cool batteries from solar recharging.


Alkaline batteries work wonders now.

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