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Engineering Student - Need to develop Study Habits and Scheduling

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Hello! I'm a Mechanical Engineering Major and I need help developing a study program around my school and work schedule. I work full-time and have classes after work. I'm currently in 3 classes right now: Statics, Calc 3, Solidworks. I don't know where to start and I start feeling overwhelmed on how many hours I should spend per day and per class. I'm trying to become a better student with better discipline. I'm the first one in college form my family so I don't have anyone else to ask especially in quarantine.

I live alone and pay for all my expenses and for school. I NEED to work full-time so please do not tell me to work part time or be a full time student. I just need to know what I can do for my schedule.

Work School

Mon - 8-5pm Statics 6:30p-7:30p Solidworks 7:40p-9:05p
Tues - 8-4:30pm Calc 5:00p-6:45p
Wed - 8-5pm Statics 6:30p-7:30p Solidworks 7:40p-9:05p
Thurs - 8-4:30pm Calc 5:00p-6:45p
Fri - 8-5pm
Sat - Free
Sun - Free

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Hello Val, I hated university and almost gave up. By chance there was a staff change, and when I went to tell them that I was leaving, the new guy talked me through it. You already recognise the issue is one of scheduling. The best students in my year did not even attend the tail end of their courses. They had looked at past exam papers and decided where their strengths lay. They selected which questions they would answer, and even which parts of those questions they might avoid. Do not take on too much. You have to work to live. One of the problems I faced lay in poor money management. I was spending too much, ending up short of cash, and that led to stress. Once I gutted my expenditure, things started to improve. It's a lonely journey. In the end I made it through and got a degree, but my self esteem was destroyed and I never fully recovered. That is now 40 years ago. Protect your health, especially your self esteem. Qualifications are not everything. Get in touch if you want to go into this more deeply. I am actually a Physicist, but my wife is a Mechanical Engineer. Take care. Jim Cahill

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I'm an independent mechanical engineer, I make repairs on generators, I would love to work under someone, I mean I want to learn more ,add to my own experience, wish to go far in future with more mechanical idea's,   if anyone like a my idea I think should make a reply to know more about me, and how serious and enlightened I am

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