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making a pendulum car as fast as possible


I’m making a pendulum powered wooden car but I need to make it as fast as possible

the mass of the pendulum has to be 400g and the base can only be a maximum of 290x290

hoping to make it wooden

what variables can I change in order to make it faster eg ratchet wheels and longer pendulum rod


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Interesting project...


...I would be inclined to use the pendulum to build energy in a store - such as a spring or elastic band - in order that it acts as a sink and releases.  You use the basic F=ma...so you can increase the F.... the trick would moderate the release so that you don't loose it all in wheelspin...


Thinking aloud....you could use the pendulum to ratchet a gravitational potential accumulator which would naturally release the energy in a controlled fashion giving maximum acceleration while preventing wheelspin...?


Good luck!


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