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My Idea goes this way  " Assuming a 6 cylinder diesel powered truck employed in carrying loads, When the truck is unloaded the Total weight of the vehicle is less compared to its GVW. In that case the power required to drive the vehicle also goes down. But all the six cylinders would be working to drive the vehicle."
I plan to design a clutch system that can be controlled by the driver depending on the situation either to engage or disengage two pistons from the crankshaft, Thus reducing total rotational mass and also the  net fuel consumption.
I would like to know the power delivered by each piston in an IC engine system. I surfed many online forums but i couldn't find the answer.
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12 hours ago, SuryaTeja said:

Is it possible to design a disengagable pistion?

I think there is also another mechanism, for lower loads, a particular number of pistons would be running but they won't go under any kind of intake-compression-combustion & Exhaust reactions.....so you save fuel & also get more torque & power due to the piston's Momentum

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There are engines that operate with disabled cylinders, that is cylinders that do not fire, for light load operation. The pistons move in the usual manner, but if fuel is not supplied, there is no combustion. Would this meet your need?


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