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Speed Transmitting Between Motor Gearbox and Gears



Chain length: 1400mm.

Pitch of the chain: 12,7mm

Diameter:Ø55mm for z=12

Diameter:Ø71mm for z=16

Diameter:Ø87mm for z=20

Hello friends,
Can someone who has knowledge of how to calculate the speed transferred to the sprocket wheel can help in such systems with various gear numbers (z = 20, 16)? Even if you do not know this system, can you at least give some information on how to proceed.

Here, a speed of about 1400/15 to 93.33rpm is transferred from the reducer to the gear wheel with 20 teeth. How can I do the calculations after this stage? My goal is, for example, how many times the chain comes to the starting point in 1 minute.

I would be very happy if you could give an idea.


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Hi there I'll try to help out without giving you the answer...(if I do, you'll be no better off than before!)

Most of the information you have is superlative!

You know the chain pitch, and the chain length.  You also know the length of the drive wheel and the speed with which the drive wheel is rotating (from your text 93.33 rpm). 

As you have calculated the rpm of the T20 wheel, and you know the diameter of this wheel and the pitch of the chain, can you think of any way to translate this into the speed of the chain across the wheel...?

If you can figure this out, everything should fall into place!

Good luck!



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