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That depends on what you mean by "work". Can you blow both cold and warm air through your lips? Yes. Will that enable you to cut your air conditioning bill in July? No. Don't forget that the Joule-Thompson coefficient for air is almost zero. Does an eco cooler work? Yes, but it's very inefficient when you're honest about the real cost and not sweeping details under the proverbial rug.

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There are a couple of different types of "Eco Cooler" design....one utilising water - sometimes known as an evaporative cooler works by taking advantage of the energy of evaporation of water....basically as water (or any liquid for that matter ) evaporates, it absorbs a certain amount of energy...

If this utilises natural airflow through an opened window, it will have the effect of cooling the air enterring, but will increaee the humidity within.

The other form (inverted cones) takes advantages of the ideal gas laws...it effectively forces a minor pressure drop in the air which reduces the air temperature, but this may not be sufficient to actually notice.  

Both of these do work to some degree, however if utilising a powered driver there will be energy consumed there. 

The best form of heating/cooling is that of a "heat pump" which moves heat from one area to another and only "cost" is the power to do so...they can have an energy multipier effect - sometimes of as much as 8x - where for a power input of - say - 1000 Watts - a heating/cooling effect of 8000Watts can be achieved.

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