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Temperature compensation formula

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Hello everybody, I'm new on this forum and I hope I will receive a good advice from you.

I have an automatic station with some LVDT sensors for measuring some dimensions, specially diameters.

The product is a gasoline pump, and the station is measuring the pilot body diameter, but this diameter is measured after our last flow operation, flange welding.

Because of welding the temperature of pump is around 60°C.

Maximum diameter : 34.976

Pump diameter on 60° : over 34.980 (oot)

Pump diameter on ~30°: below 34.976( good part)

I cannot modify the flow to be able to wait for the pumps to cool down and to measure them, so they need to be measured on 60° and to show the values like on ~30°.

I placed a temperature sensor and i think with some generic formula(maybe with a coefficient) I can be able to solve the issue.

Could you help me?

Best regards!

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Its worth just trying out a standard thermal expansion coefficient calculation. (You have not stated the material that you are measuring)

Take the material thermal expansion coefficient of the material you are working with and calculate its diameter for 30 degrees C...then calculate the same for 60 degrees C...I think you'll find a good correlation. Then just use the 60 degree figure for your measurements.

Hope this helsp

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