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How to... simplify case when Your Fluent Structural FSI doesn't work ?

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It often happens that we want to do a coupled analysis consisting of two CFD and Structural modules. The purpose of FSI analyzes is to set the thermal conditions that came out from CFD simulation to the Structural analysis as boundary conditions. In the module for mechanical calculations itself, we cannot set a heterogeneous temperature profile, therefore it is necessary to perform two analyzes in these cases as FSI. A very common problem in this type of analysis is a bad transfer of thermal conditions to the Structural module. The distribution of values is not the same as what we came out with CFD. Therefore, in these cases, you can simplify the analysis by adding one more Transient Thermal module from which the transfer of temperature distributions is burdened with a much smaller error.

For more info go blog 

How to... simplify case when Your Fluent Structural FSI doesn't work ? (howtooansys.blogspot.com)



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