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Mechanical Engineering

General Mechanical Engineering Quiz

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Name: General Mechanical Engineering Quiz

Category: Mechanical Engineering Quiz

Description: 1. Which of the below is solid state joining process?

A) gas tungsten arc welding

B) resistance spot welding

C) friction welding

D) submerged arc welding

2. Which of the below motor is not used in spindle drives for CNC machines?

A) induction motor

B) dc servo motor

C) stepper motor

D) linear servo motor

3. Which of following methods is adopted for governing of steam turbines in a power plant?

A) Hit & miss governing

B) Throttle governing

C) Blow off in boiler

D) Speed control

4. An aircraft gas turbine operates on

A) Brayton Cycle

B) Sterling Cycle

C) Otto Cycle

D) Rankine Cycle

5. Operation to enlarge a hole is called

A) Drilling

B) Boring

C) Reaming

D) Counter-sinking

6. Sprue is the passing provided for

A) Out flow

B) Smooth flow

C) In flow

D) For ease in solidification

7. Which of the following operations cannot be performed on a lathe

A) Drilling

B) Facing

C) Threading

D) Slotting

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