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    Hi Admin... 

    What is this turbocharger for.... The image depiction is wrong for any automobile application.. the Turbine part of the TC (TurboCharger) is ok... but the Compressor part of the Turbocharger is wrong... the fresh atmospheric Air enters the Compressor axially , gets compressed in the involute casing and then gets exhaled out Radially... The picture depicts it vice-versa... which is normally not the case for any Automobile TC application..

    download (4).jpg

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    This is a standard Turbocharger, the compressors is a centrifugal compressor where the blades are arranged to pull air in and as the air travels up the conical vane face of the rotor it is compressed and blown out through the discharge pipe into a plenum chamber, this type of compressor is derived from an early gas turbine engine (DeHaviland Goblin as designed by Sir Frank Whittle in the late 1930s ), in fact you can run a turbocharger as a gas turbine, All Centrifugal turbines work this way whether just as a compressor or a jet turbine. as a jet turbine they have a far lower power output as this compressor is limited to the volume of air it can force through which is why modern turbines are axial flow as the air follows a straighter path. 

    Turbochargers were first used in high altitude Boeing B29 bombers.

    Just to add to my comments, I have currently 2 turbocharged vehicles (Mercedes Van and a Volvo car) also in my younger days I have turbocharged a couple of motorcycle engines for motorcycle drag racing.

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