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Mechanical Engineering

World’s Biggest Engine Most Powerful Engine

the world’s biggest engine, has a weight of 2.3 million kilogram. If the weight of the average adult person is 70 kilograms, this world’s biggest engine has a weight equivalent to the weight of 33,000 people.

World’s Most Powerful Engine Can Light a Small Town

When the world’s biggest engine is running at 102 revolutions per minute, it produces 80 million watts of power energy. If the average household bulb consumes 60 watts of energy, 80 million watts is enough power for 1.3 million bulbs. If the average house has 6 bulbs lighting at any one time, the Wärtsilä-Sulzer RTA96 engine will produce enough power to light 220,000 houses. If the average house has three occupants, this world’s most powerful engine will provide enough energy for 660,000 people. 660,000 people are the population of a small town.

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I like how they give the output energy but not the input energy or how efficient the motor, sure it is a nice piece of mechanical design, but if it isn't efficient then it isn't a step forward just a larger version of the same thing we have now.

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It's usually applied in 2 areas. One for marine propulsion and the other for small size power generation. The picture shown is only crankshaft, which is the bottom part. Size of the complete piece would be monstrous. It uses diesel fuel and has around 40% thermal efficiency, more or less. High tech heavy industry companies in Korea and Japan produce many different models under the license of European companies like Man B&W or Warsila NSD. (info can be outdated since I left the industry long time ago.) Very expensive and heavy machine, but a fine piece.

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