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    • roberth

      Hi I have a doubt I am studying strain of the materials and I wanted to know is there are internal forces when the bodyt is in equilibrium and if so, this is at the molecular level
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    • Esam Muftah

      I am working now on 
      Performance evaluation of steam injected gas turbine power cycle.
      the aims are 
      1.    Investigate the effect of steam injection on SGT-500 Industrial Gas Turbine through thermodynamic analysis.
      2.    Develop a detailed thermodynamic model and consider the limit of steam injection in relation to the operating limit for the SGT-500 gas turbine.
      I am strangling in someways anyone could help. 
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    • Yar Pyae

      Should I learn Autodesk AutoCAD as a Mechanical Engineering Student?. Or which softwares should I learn?
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    • kurzin

      Hello collegues
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    • Mateusz Hamera

      I serach definition - speed ratio and power ratio.
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