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    Dear Mechanical Engineers We invite you for the following discussion Application of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Mechanical Engineering How can we apply AI in filed of Machine learning ? You can consider your workspace, your industry.....let all of us have come together with ideas...
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    Is Mechanical Engineering Really Good for Girls??? As I just checked my Shoutbox, I came across the most widely asked question by @Corrine Lovato: “Hello, I am 4th year High school student. And I'm going to take BS Mechanical Engineering. My problem is, I AM A FEMALE. :3 Did you think guys, it suits me? I DO REALLY REALLY LIKE AND LOVE TO BE A MECHANICAL ENGINEERING SOMEDAY.... Any Advice guys? It may help me ) Thank you!! Mechanical Engineers and to be Mechanical Engineers.” This is the most talked about, discussed and opinionated question for every girl who wish to pursue mechanical engineering and also for every parent who is in two minds for a daughter who wishes to pursue mechanical engineering. As soon as I finished my high school, I strongly wished to pursue “Mechanical Engineering” because I was always curious since my childhood to know how machines work and always in awe with the perfection they delivered the outcome. I believe, every girl who wishes to pursue this field goes through the following stages: What Is Mechanical Engineering? Mechanical Engineering is a discipline in which you ought to learn something from every field of engineering. From the theory of machines to its designing, from electronics to how motors work, from programming to database information retrieval system. If I could sum it all up, I can be a branch which is a Jack of all fields. Also Mechanical Engineering is a branch where you find the least amount of girls or sometimes none at all!! Do girls really have to go through the hard labour work while pursuing this course?? During the first two years, you have to complete your workshop duties which include working on lathe machines for manufacturing a component. It always seems tough at first, but it never is. And you always bound to get help from you fellow mates. But the finishing given to the component is always given the BEST by the girls!!! How actually is a life as a female mechanical engineer?? Firstly, you will have very very few female friends. Most of the friends you get from other branches like computers or electronics, whom you get to meet either during lunch time or sometimes not at all! Secondly, you have no option left than to be with your male classmates. Believe me, male friends are more honest, helpful, selfless and dependable. Especially, the males who wish to uplift women than suppress them. It is always better to be focused and carve your own niche. Because in the end it’s all about you!!! Is there any scope for girls in mechanical engineering?? As I said, in the end it’s all about you. The world is changing and so is mentality of people. After completion of Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, even being a “female”, I had a host of opportunities to work in well known companies. You can go for research work, designing, internships, teaching, shop work and anything that matches your interest. Or better you can pursue your higher studies and specialize in it. Remember :Where there is a will, there is a way!!! Feel free to comment or ask about any doubts and questions!! Any suggestions or feedback are also welcome!
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    Turbo supercharger acts as lungs in a CI engine. They enhance the performance of a CI engine by pushing in more air into the cylinder which leads to complete burning of the fuel thus delivering more power to weight ratio. This work deals with the performance of turbo supercharger used in Locomotives. This includes the role played by the turbo chargers in increasing the mean effective pressure which in turn leads to greater power to weight ratio being developed by the engine. This on the other hand leads to an effect of increasing the peak temperature of the inlet air into the cylinders.
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    Henry Kurniadi

    Linear actuator

    Could be electromagnetic from solenoid. no current, no magnetic force. energized with current, solenoid produce magnetic force that move the pin laterally. google the term, solenoid actuator. Plenty of commercial product as well.
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    Tahir Afridi

    Flywheel and DC motor

    Hello friends, i am new to this group and hope to receive good answers to my below question. I want to run a flywheel from a DC motor. Specifications of the flywheel are as Wight=50 kg, Radius=0.3meters, Shape= Circular solid disc with uniform thinkness, Speed at which i want to run is 1500 rpm. The time i want to attain this speed is 15 seconds. Kindly help what horsepower/Kilowatts DC motor i need to run this flywheel. Thanks in advance.
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    Flywheel and DC motor

    Hetal, Please publish your results here so that we may all benefit from them. DrD
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    Hetal Patel

    Flywheel and DC motor

    The generator/motor is one of three key elements in a flywheel energy storage(FES) system, The objective of the flywheel system is the store and supply power in spacecraft applications and vehicles. Where a high speed brushless DC motor is chose. In high speed motor, the iron loss increases along with the alternant frequency of the magnetic field in the iron. A calculation model of iron losses of rotational permanentmotor is proposed, considering the influence of the rotation. The 2D time step finite element has been used for calculating a 20,000 r/min high speed permanent brushless DC motor, the loss density of deferent positions is proposed. Finally, the experimental measured value is compared with the computered one. The results prove the model is valid, which is the base of deeply optimization design forminishing the loss.
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    JAG Engineering LLC

    Flywheel and DC motor

    Sounds like a homework assignment. Size a motor to accelerate the flywheel to a specific RPM and do so in a specific time.
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    Flywheel and DC motor

    Why in the world do you want to put a flywheel on a DC motor? The purposes of a flywheel are (1) to smooth out irregularities in the rotational motion of the shaft (torsional vibration), and (2) to store energy in order to continue operation though a power interruption. You did not mention either of these, so I ask again, "why do you want to put a flywheel on a DC motor?"
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    It’s from a Manufacturing Processes book by Serope Kalpakjian. (Kinda reference for most major college in Manufacturing Processes course) your reference practically replacing my feed rate v=f*N, with object length L. Also using Davg.
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    Do = 100 mm d = 1 mm f = 0.1 mm/rev N = 2000 rpm v = f*N = 0.1 mm/rev * 2000 rpm = 200 mm/min d = (Do - Df)/2 => Df = 98 mm Davg = (Do + Df)/2 = 99 mm MRR = pi*Davg*d*f*N = pi * 99mm * 1mm * 200 mm/min = 62203 mm3/min = 0.0622 cm3/min
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