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    Henry Kurniadi

    Advice Needed

    You can always change/transfer to other division. But never mention this to your recruiter/hiring manager. The ideal answer would be: the position that you offering is the best position for me and I would love to learn further and do the job at that position.
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    What is Curie point ?

    It is the point at which metal leave its magnetic property.
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    This is one important point missing in the two previous answers. The "cc rating" of an engine is a volume measure, as previously stated, but it is not the actual cylinder volume. Rather, it is the swept volume of the cylinder, also called the "displacement" of the cylinder. The actual cylinder volume is always somewhat greater than this value because the piston at TDC does not leave zero cylinder volume. The small volume remaining at TDC is called the "clearance volume," the volume available for the early stage of combustion. DrD
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    Khaled Zaky

    What is the function of a bearing?

    separate two rotating part reduce friction reduce heat generation carry force in radial or/and axial direction

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