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    There has always been a debate and discussion among all engineering students about which engineering course is the best? Students always love discussing about the best branch of engineering. Though this is a proven fact and it needs no discussion that mechanical engineering is the best still I will be providing 10 reasons over here which make mechanical engineering The Best among all other branches of engineering. #1 Evergreen Field: Mechanical engineering is an evergreen field. Applications of mechanical engineering have spread over such a wide spectrum that it has penetrated into almost every industry. Mechanical engineering got its application started right from the birth of this universe and it will continue till the end of this universe. #2 Mother Of All Engineering Disciplines: Yeah it’s mother of all engineering disciplines and you know it! Mechanical engineering links all engineering disciplines together and provides a base for all engineering education. #3 Everything Is Mechanical: Mechanical engineering has its application in all fields of life. May it be medicine, construction, automobile or even software and IT industry. Everything you see around you involves mechanical engineering to some extent. #4 Everlasting Scope: Scope of mechanical engineering is everlasting. Mechanical engineering graduates can find career placements in almost every sector, right from construction sector to steel industry and from automobile to software. #5 Best Job Offers: Mechanical engineers get best job offers after graduation. It’s one of the highest paid jobs all over the world. #6 Social Status: Mechanical engineers are respected in every society. They possess a respectful social status among masses. They are like global ambassadors. Wherever they go, they are treated with respect. #7 Most Interesting: Mechanical engineering involves study of some of the most interesting phenomena of science and engineering. The basic focus during study is on subjects such as thermal engineering, fluid sciences, machine design, industrial engineering and production engineering. #8 Even GOD Loves ME: Ever thought GOD also implemented mechanical engineering in nature? Motion of your body, arms, hands and feet involves mechanical engineering. Your heart pumps blood and it runs through all your veins. This is again application of mechanical engineering. The more you look into nature with the eye of a mechanical engineer, you will find more application of it. #9 Best Lifestyle: Do you need a best lifestyle to live in? Mechanical engineering offers you one of the best lifestyles. It’s like a dream come true. #10 Vast Industry: Mechanical engineering industry is vast. Every industry needs mechanical engineers to run its business smoothly. Do you have more reasons to say? Don’t forget to comment. Let us see how many reasons we can gather here in comments. I hope you enjoyed reading 10 reasons why mechanical engineering is the best course. No doubt It's best engineering course and best engineering branch!
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    Welding joint is a permanent joint but riveted joint is a semi permanent joint.In riveted joint we can disassemble the parts by breaking the rivets without hurting the parts to be assemblebut in case of welded joint when we have to disassemble the parts, the parts will be subjected to many type of deformation .It may be that they can break.
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    Lisho Thomas

    Why tyres are made black in color?

    Tyres are mixture of various rubbers with carbon black added. Carbon black improves traction and wear resistance of pure rubber. Another reason is that black color has higher absorption capability by which the tyre of any vehicle becomes adhesive to road
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    Why tyres are made black in color? 1. You can answer this question 2. You can like the best answer 3. You can share the question.

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