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    Being a mechanical engineer myself I would say that there was nothing which I felt that I couldn't do be it in workshops or classes, the stigma attached to this branch that there is a lot of physical work involved in it , believe me you there is nothing like that. Never be hesitant in discussing your doubts with your classmates and teachers. Try having as much interaction as you can with your classmates. It will surely make you comfortable in class as well as prepare you for the atmosphere of the core companies. And the best part of being in mech is you don't have to go through those cat fights 😛.
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    Is Mechanical Engineering Really Good for Girls?

    Michael, you absolutely astound me! It is evident that you need to have a long talk with your girl friend, your wife, your mother, or perhaps your dad, about the way babies are brought into the world. This board is probably not the best place to get into the details of human anatomy/reproductive biology, but there are details you seem to have clearly missed!! DrD

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