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    When are we going to see some action on the Kinematics Club? There is no mechanism that I can see for anyone to post an article, so until you, as "owner" act, it looks like the whole thing is dead. In the description, you said, " it also provides the tips to groom your personality." What is this about? New hair styles? Nail polish? Clothes? Stories to tell? Just what did you have in mind when you wrote this? Please get something started. We are all waiting. DrD
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    Hello Everyone, I from to TTP mechanical,Co.LTD in Vietnam. Our Company with specialization in all stainless steel Mechanical & Installation aspects. TTP is highly responsive in the Fabrication & nationwide installation company offering fast and best service with guaranteed quality. Today, TTP has constanly expanded its network of customer nationvide. TTP’s customer are Engineering as GEA, TETRA PAK, FRESCO, A&G … and End-user as VINAMILK, PEPSI, COCA-COLA, CALOFIC, URC… We provide full-package solutions from design, fabrication, assembly and installation of stainless steel products such as storage tank, pressure vessel, mixing tank, piping system, ect. Once again, we would like to thank you for making TTP able to introduce our business as well as bring our products closer to you. We look forward to receiving long-term cooperation with your company. Please find the Open Letter and bochre our TTP company as the attached file, If you have any questions or concerns in the product don't hesitate to let me know, Address contact : nguyendiep@ttpmechanical.com or info@ttpmechanical.com hotline: (+84) 650 363 0057 Website: www.ttpmechanical.com Thanks and best regards, open letter.pdf Brochure TTP.pdf
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    Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out. INTRODUCTION TO MECHANICAL ENGINEERING.docx