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    A COMPLETE INSTRUCTOR AND STUDENT SUPPLEMENT PACKAGE - Continued These ppts are set of instructor and student supplements. . A FOCUS ON DIAGNOSIS AND PROBLEM SOLVING The primary focus of these ppts is to satisfy the need for problem diagnosis. Time and again, the author has heard that technicians need more training in diagnostic procedures and skill development. To meet this need and to help illustrate how real problems are solved, diagnostic stories are included throughout. Each new topic covers the parts involved as well as their purpose, function, and operation, and how to test and diagnose each system.
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    This PDF contains Constants and other Formulaes of different subjects.. SI Multiples. Basic Units (distance, area, volume, mass, density). Mathematical Formulae. Applied Mechanics. Thermodynamics. Fluid Mechanics. Electricity. Periodic Table.
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    The Internal-Combustion Engine in Theory and Practice Volume I : Thermodynamics, Fluid Flow, Performance Second Edition, Revised by Charles Fayette Taylor Professor of Automotive Engineering, Emeritus Massachusetts Institute of Technology