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    Catia 3D Design

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    Version 1.0.0


    ASME BPVC Section VIII - Rules for Construction of Pressure Vessels ASME Section VIII Division 1 Subsection A - General Requirements Part UG - General Requirements for All Methods of Construction and All Materials Materials: UG-4 through to UG-15 Design: UG-16 through to UG-35 Openings and Reinforcements: UG-36 through to UG-46 Braced and Stayed Surfaces: UG-47 through to UG-50 Fabrication: UG-75 through to UG-85 Inspection and Tests: UG-90 through to UG-103 Marking and Reports: UG-115 through to UG-120 Overpressure Protection: UG125 through to UG-140 Subsection B - Requirements Pertaining to Methods of Fabrication of Pressure Vessels Part UW - Requirements for Pressure Vessels Fabricated by Welding General: UW-1 through to UW-3 Materials: UW-5 Design: UW-8 through to UW-21 Fabrication: UW-26 through to UW-42 Inspection and Tests: UW-46 through to UW-54 Marking and Reports: UW-60 Pressure Relief Devices: UW-65 Part UF - Requirements for Pressure Vessels Fabricated by Forging General: UF-1 Materials: UF-5 through to UF-7 Design: UF-12 through to UF-25 Fabrication: UF-26 through to UF-43 Inspection and Tests: UF-45 through to UF-55 Marking and Reports: UF-115 Pressure Relief Devices: UF-125 Part UB - Requirements for Pressure Vessels Fabricated by Brazing General: UB-1 through to UB-3 Materials: UB-5 through to UB-7 Design: UB-9 through to UB-22 Fabrication: UB-30 through to UB-37 Inspection and Tests: UB-40 through to UB-50 Marking and Reports: UB-55 Pressure Relief Devices: UB-60 Subsection C - Requirements Pertaining to Classes of Materials Part UCS - Requirements for Pressure Vessels Constructed of Carbon and Low Alloy Steels General: UCS-1 Materials: UCS-5 through to UCS-12 Design: UCS-16 through to UCS-57 Low Temperature Operation: UCS-65 through to UCS-68 Fabrication: UCS-75 through to UCS-85 Inspection and Tests: UCS-90 Marking and Reports: UCS-115 Pressure Relief Devices: UCS-125 Nonmandatory Appendix CS: UCS-150 through to UCS-160 Part UNF - Requirements for Pressure Vessels Constructed of Nonferrous Materials General: UNF-1 through to UNF-4 Materials: UNF-5 through to UNF-15 Design: UNF-16 through to UNF-65 Fabrication: UNF-75 through to UNF-79 Inspection and Tests: UNF-90 through to UNF-95 Marking and Reports: UNF-115 Pressure Relief Devices: UNF-125 Appendix NF: Characteristics of the Nonferrous Materials (Informative and Nonmandatory) Part UHA Requirements for Pressure Vessels Constructed of High Alloy Steel General: UHA-1 through to UHA-8 Materials: UHA-11 through to UHA-13 Design: UHA-20 through to UHA-34 Fabrication: UHA-40 through to UHA-44 Inspection and Tests: UHA-50 through to UHA-52 Marking and Reports: UHA-60 Pressure Relief Devices: UHA-65 Appendix HA: Suggestions on the Selection and Treatment of Austenitic Chromium–Nickel and Ferritic and Martensitic High Chromium Steels (Informative and Nonmandatory) Part UCI - Requirements for Pressure Vessels Constructed of Cast Iron General: UCI-1 through to UCI-3 Materials: UCI-5 through to UCI-12 Design: UCI-16 through to UCI-37 Fabrication: UCI-75 through to UCI-78 Inspection and Tests: UCI-90 through to UCI-101 Marking and Reports: UCI-115 Pressure Relief Devices: UCI-125 Part UCL - Requirements for Welded Pressure Vessels Constructed of Material With Corrosion Resistant Integral Cladding, Weld Metal Overlay Cladding, or With Applied Linings General: UCL-1 through to UCL-3 Materials: UCL-10 through to UCL-12 Design: UCL-20 through to UCL-27 Fabrication: UCL-30 through to UCL-46 Inspection and Tests: UCL-50 through to UCL-52 Marking and Reports: UCL-55 Pressure Relief Devices: UCL-60 Part UCD - Requirements for Pressure Vessels Constructed of Cast Ductile Iron General: UCD-1 through to UCD-3 Materials: UCD-5 through to UCD-12 Design: UCD-16 through to UCD-37 Fabrication: UCD-75 through to UCD-78 Inspection and Tests: UCD-90 through to UCD-101 Marking and Reports: UCD-115 Pressure Relief Devices: UCD-125 Part UHT Requirements for Pressure Vessels Constructed of Ferritic Steels With Tensile Properties Enhanced by Heat Treatment. General: UHT-1 Materials: UHT-5 through to UHT-6 Design: UHT-16 through to UHT-57 Fabrication: UHT-75 through to UHT-86 Inspection and Tests: UHT-90 Marking and Reports: UHT-115 Pressure Relief Devices: UHT-125 Part ULW Requirements for Pressure Vessels Fabricated by Layered Construction Introduction: ULW-1 through to ULW-2 Materials: ULW-5 Design: ULW-16 through to ULW-26 Welding: ULW-31 through to ULW-33 Nondestructive Examination of Welded Joints: ULW-50 through to ULW-57 Fabrication: ULW-75 through to ULW-78 Inspection and Tests: ULW-90 Marking and Reports: ULW-115 Pressure Relief Devices: ULW-125 Part ULT Alternative Rules for Pressure Vessels Constructed of Materials Having Higher Allowable Stresses at Low Temperature General: ULT-1 through to ULT-5 Design: ULT-16 through to ULT-57 Fabrication: ULT-76 through to ULT-86 Inspection and Tests: ULT-90 through to ULT-100 Marking and Reports: ULT-115 Pressure Relief Devices: ULT-125 Part UHX - Rules for Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangers Part UIG - Requirements for Pressure Vessels Constructed of Impregnated Graphite General: UIG-1 through to UIG-3 Materials: UIG-5 through to UIG-8 Design: UIG-22 through to UIG-60 Fabrication: UIG-75 through to UIG-84 Inspection and Tests: UIG-90 through to UIG-112 Marking and Reports: UIG-115 through to UIG-121 Pressure Relief Devices: UIG-125 MANDATORY APPENDICES: 1 through to 44 NONMANDATORY APPENDICES: A through to NN
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    Pump Handbook



    The handbook is divided into 5 chapters which deal with different phases when designing pump systems. Chapter 1 Design of pumps and motors Chapter 2 Installation and performance reading Chapter 3 System hydraulics Chapter 4 Performance adjustment of pumps. Chapter 5 Life cycle costs calculation
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    Version 1.1.0


    A COMPLETE INSTRUCTOR AND STUDENT SUPPLEMENT PACKAGE - Continued These ppts are set of instructor and student supplements. . A FOCUS ON DIAGNOSIS AND PROBLEM SOLVING The primary focus of these ppts is to satisfy the need for problem diagnosis. Time and again, the author has heard that technicians need more training in diagnostic procedures and skill development. To meet this need and to help illustrate how real problems are solved, diagnostic stories are included throughout. Each new topic covers the parts involved as well as their purpose, function, and operation, and how to test and diagnose each system.
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    Collections of useful excel sheets for engineers.
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    Example of Use for mechanical engineering students Source : ASME