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    Mechanical Engineering is passion or liking..... I really don't know how to explane ..... this is like some one is poet or writer .... very interesting field and never ending ... keeps you fit in this world
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    Pan Tilt Vibration Stability

    The term "Pan and Tilt Control System" does not have a universal definition, so no one can be sure what you are talking about. If you want help, give a detailed description of what you need to build, including one or more sketches of the proposed system. Only than can anyone give you a meaningful answer. DrD
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    1. Moment is a general definition - Moment wikipedia 2. Torque - is related to the move 3. Bending moment - related to construction in mechanic 4. Torsional moment - also is related to constructions, but in another plane
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    Hello! Today i share some document for Engineering. Visit at: https://dochelp.net/category/engineering/1.html
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    Thanks for your valuable reply for my question. I will try solidworks and try to be master in it.
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    I need ideas for an ultra light rail system, how best to switch tracks. Existing switches are not acceptable, they require mechanical movement in the track. The switching should be done from the rail car itself.
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    Let say the assembly consist of A - contact area - A (one part) Bearing (one part) C - contact area - C (one part) Make two simulations... A with applied force on top; contact area as fixed support. C with applied force on contact area; bottom leg as fixed support Contact area with bearing could be made by using "split" function. Defined as "face" in drawing below.
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    Im intrested in motorized wheel chair please help me do that project
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    HEre's throwing you a bone.... How about floating windmills. You design windmills on a floating platform, much like offshore oil platform/rig. Consideration of the ocean wave and current... also the wind conditions.
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    Moment is used particularly for static analysis and it results in bending. Torque is used particularly for dynamic analysis and it results in rotation. I hope this would be helpful.
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    Tom Shichenje Azangalala


    you can in 3D it depends with the software? i can help you.
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    Every person has future ambition. My ambition was be an engineer. However I achieved it. I like to search about everything. Another thing if saw different item, I want to broke and re made. These are my qualities. Because think mechanical engineer is suitable job role for me.