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    Does anyone know what the principle of the work is a valnut cracking and shelling machine, how they work, does anyone have any drawings about it. For example, like the ones in the picture
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    Energy level of multi-degree of freedom system

    Looks to me like the kinetic energy of your systems is T=(1/2)*m1*xdot^2+(1/2)*m2*ydot^2 and the potential energy is V=(1/2)*K1*(x-xc)^2+(1/2)*K2*(y-x)^2+(1/2)*K3*y^2 if we understand that all springs are relaxed when xc=x=y=0. All of this raises a question for me. Why do you want this if you did not know how to develop it in the first place? DrD
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    I have one reference drawing about conveyor, you download by this link : http://adf.ly/16014671/conveyor-belt. (solidwork version 2014" And you can download geartrax software to help you draw the sprocket easier: http://adf.ly/16014671/geartrax2015 Have a nice day.
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