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    Hetal Patel

    CAD software to use?

    Autocad - Ideal for 2D drafting[1] The basic software for any mechanical engineer, If you learn this it’ll definitely help you. And do learn how to read the drawings in a sheet? It is good for your professional life. Solidworks For solid modelling and Moulding design. It is user-friendly. So, easy to learn and anyone can become a pro in it. Some startups and small scale industries using it widely for its low cost. CATIA For designing the wide range of sheet metal products, volume or surface modelling, sheet processing, assembly drawings, tool making, piping design, cast, forging, hydraulic and pneumatic design. Most of the aerodynamic related products are designed using CATIA. It's a comprehensive tool for the generation of 3D parts of all kinds. Aircraft and Auto part companies are utilising it widely. ProE It's 3D CAD/CAM/CAE feature-based product. Design, Simulations analyses, engineering calculations and documentation can be done by this. Specific for surface design kinda work. There are many software's which are widely used in industry for different purpose :- Siemens NX CATIA SOLIDWORKS CREO INVENTOR AUTOCAD (Generally used for 2D) Alias,maya(these are used for concept designing & surface design) Alias is used world wide used for concept designing even Ferrari uses it. Now coming to design engineer. Every design engineer uses all these software. Coming to automobile & aerospace industry Every OEM'S uses these 2 high-end software like NX & CATIA. NX has its speciality in Mould designing because its mold wizard module has more option that you can easily design any component Mould with some of the click. CATIA has more option in surface module so every aerospace industry uses it. According to my experience I recommend you to learn NX ,CATIA. You will get many job on these two software but learning these software won't help because company expect more from candidate. So apart from learning these software clear your basic concept about engineering drawing, learn GD&T , DFM etc.
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    Hetal Patel

    CAD software to use?

    First I would advice you to go to basics for learning (AutoCAD) then switch to other softwares if you are just starting. I you already have some insite on using basic softwares then it totally depends on you what further process or operation you want to do and according te softwares changes.
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    Name: Min Thet Engineering college: Technological University Location:Myanmar Engineering Batch:2008-2015 Engineering Company/Dream company to work for: Maintainance Area of Interest:Design Project undertaken: Car Any other info you want to share: 3D design.
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    Attendance Please

    Dear Mechanical Engineering members, I want you all to visit iMechanical Engineering Forum once every day and for same I am starting "Attendance Please" Post. Many of us read as guests, some of them just sign in and sign out and then I request every one to mark your attendance by replying to this post. Your presence will make all members active and visible on the board.
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    Please add me to the group I'm Sanjay +917829540019