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    Ian McGuire

    gear box for scissor jack design

    I'm not an engineer but I've sold industrial gearboxes for many years. It may be worth looking at a worm gear. You could probably use one gear set. They can be quite compact for a large reduction.
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    What Would You Like to Know?

    What Would You Like to Know? If you could ask me any question you want, what would you like to know that you think I might know? I certainly do not know everything, but through the years I have accumulated a certan amount of knowledge that I'd like to pass on to you. Therefore, I ask, what would you like to know? Many readers are still in college, and no doubt they would like to know what is going to be on the next exam. I'm sorry, but I have no way to know that. What I might be able to tell you is some examples of where your present studies might be useful in the future. I recall my own student days, and I often wondered, "Where am I going to need to know xxxx?" I simply could not imagine where xxxx might arise in the future. Other readers are out of college and in the industrial workplace. Some are doing fine with the knowledge they acquired in school, but others are discovering that they need knowledge and skills that were not taught in college. I know that this certainly happened to me. When I went out into industry, there were all sorts of problems that had never been mentioned in my college days and presented me with new learning challenges. That is a part of being an engineer; your whole career is a learning experience. At the same time, there are many situations where you might like to ask someone with more experience about a particular topic. So, I repeat, "What would you like to know?" Please comment on this blog post and give me your thoughts. DrD
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    What Would You Like to Know?

    You need to ask around to upper classmen, librarians, lab assistants, in addition to the faculty, and the main question is, "How do graduates of this school find jobs? Where do they make the necessary employer contacts?"\I I'd really be surprised if no industry recruiters come to your campus. Most schools encourage this as a way to help their graduates find work. Also, does your school offer a cooperative education (Co-Op) experience? If so, take it. If you don't know, ask in the Dean's Office. My school had one, and I wish I had done it. I had never heard of such a thing, and it was only after I was long gone that I learned that it had existed. Ultimately, you have to find your own way. You know that many have done so before you and others are doing it right now. You cannot afford to be shy; you must put yourself out there, even if you find it difficult. DrD
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    What Would You Like to Know?

    What did you most enjoy studying? Did you get a buzz our of thermo and heat transfer? Are you excited by machinery? What do you think you'd like to work on in the future? Your career is what YOU make of it. It can be this, or it can be that, or perhaps it can be the other. YOU have to choose which direction you want to go, and then make the necessary inquiries as to how to get there. Talk to the faculty, talk to any company representatives that come to campus to interview graduates, talk to everyone you can. I have no idea what the opportunities are in your location, but there are folks who do know. Ask them. DrD
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    When You Ask for Help ....

    Today, I have a question for readers. I'd like to get everyone who is willing to answer the same question, but also tell me whether you are a practicing graduate engineer or if you currently a student. I think these two groups will answer somewhat differently, so it is important that you identify which one you fall into. The question is really simple: When you ask for help, what do you really want? Are you asking for someone to step in and solve a problem for you? Or, are you asking for a few hints so that you can move forward toward a solution yourself? Perhaps you are asking for something else altogether; if so, please tell me what you want to receive. Thanks, folks. DrD
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    What Would You Like to Know?

    Dear Fatima, The only places where I am likely to be able to help you are Theory of Machines, Vibrations, Dynamics, Machine Design, and Numerical Methods. As a start, I suggest you download a copy of my textbook, Mechanics of Machines, Ver. 2.1, available here at the ME Forum (I'm not sure where they have put it now) or at Academia.edu or at Mekanizmalar.com. I think you may find a lot of interesting material in there. Also, write to me as you have here with other questions. DrD
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    What Would You Like to Know?

    Hi, at first I’m so excited with your post, I actually found it by total chance.I’m new to this place, I just logged in yesterday and I’ve been noticing your comments on lots of topics and really wanted to ask you just about everything ... I‘m from Egypt and I’m in my third year, unfortunately subjects in my college are not really taught very well; for most of the courses I get out knowing almost nothing, there might be a course or two that I manage to save my self in by learning the whole material from a lecture series on YouTube and reading textbooks, attending course at college keeps me on track really just to not dive in too much details. but it’s just hard for me to do the same in each subject, so I plan to continue studying other courses in summer on my own. So I wish you could help me find video course or any material really that I can follow to study... I’m correctly studying heat transfer|| then I’ll revisit heat transfer| since there wasn’t much time last semester to really grasp all topics but that would be after I finish studying combustion all from NPTEL course series and I should study after that hydraulic systems but I’m really really struggling with the material thought by my instructor and couldn’t find a replacement yet... and For this summer I’ll follow Fluid mechanics and Thermodynamics NPTEL series Welding, Fluid dynamics in,Theory of machines, Casting, Applied Thermodynamics, and Numerical Are subjects that I don’t have any clue about and I Don’t know where to start. I have a lot of questions that I’ll write later and I really hope you’d bare with my rusty language...
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    Henry Kurniadi

    Linear actuator

    Could be electromagnetic from solenoid. no current, no magnetic force. energized with current, solenoid produce magnetic force that move the pin laterally. google the term, solenoid actuator. Plenty of commercial product as well.
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    There are: (typically) 1. dead load (structure weight, engine weight) 2. live load (driver weight) 3. wind load Load 3 will be varied according to working conditions. Some working conditions: normal conditions (max speed/rpm), extreme conditions (over-speed rpm), braking conditions.

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