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    Hands on - manual side

    The term "hands-on" seems to fit, but I don't think I've ever seen the phrase "manual side." What is this last phrase intended to convey? DrD
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    Energy obtained from a Steam Power

    The term "steam power plant" usually refers today to an electric generating plant driven by a steam turbine supplied by a boiler. DrD
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    Theory is important, but it needs to be tied to practice. Practice comes in two forms, but necessary. 1) The first is personal practice. Try designing and constructing things. When they fail, ask yourself why, in terms of the theory? What bit of theory would predict that failure? What additional theory do I need to understand this failure? When they work, ask if the theory can guide you to something that works even better. 2) Look at the work of other engineers, always asking yourself "Why was it done this way? Is there a better way? Does this approach avoid any particular problems." I've been an engineer for many years, but I continue to learn new things. Just a few days ago, I toured a river dam and lock system (the lock allows boats to pass through the dam in both directions). I saw things I've never seen before, and thought a lot about why things were done this way. To be a good engineer, you must never stop learning and thinking. DrD
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    Being a mechanical engineer myself I would say that there was nothing which I felt that I couldn't do be it in workshops or classes, the stigma attached to this branch that there is a lot of physical work involved in it , believe me you there is nothing like that. Never be hesitant in discussing your doubts with your classmates and teachers. Try having as much interaction as you can with your classmates. It will surely make you comfortable in class as well as prepare you for the atmosphere of the core companies. And the best part of being in mech is you don't have to go through those cat fights 😛.
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    Questions on the concepts of automobile engineering. This quiz has been reset on 14 Oct 2019
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    Is Mechanical Engineering Really Good for Girls?

    Michael, you absolutely astound me! It is evident that you need to have a long talk with your girl friend, your wife, your mother, or perhaps your dad, about the way babies are brought into the world. This board is probably not the best place to get into the details of human anatomy/reproductive biology, but there are details you seem to have clearly missed!! DrD
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    hello everyone here are some of the topics i have collected throughout my engineering hope it will help some one. * Advances In Capillary Fluid Modelling * Hybrid Motorcycles* * Machine Vision * Crew Exploration Vechicles * ACC-Plus(Adaptive Crusie Control+) System * Micro/Meso-scale Manufacturing * Turbines in silicon * Self-Healing Polymer Technology * Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD) * Launching Space Vechicles from Moon * Pseudoelasticity and Shape Memory in Metal Nanowires * Quantum Chromo Dynamics * MEMS In Industrial Automation * Fluid Energy Milling * Snake Well Drill * Infrared Thermography * Shock Waves & Shock Diamonds * Camless engine with elctromechanical valve actuator * Aircraft Egress * Molecular Engineering * Cordless Tools * Free Form Modelling Based on N-Sided Surfaces * Functional Nanocrystalline Ceramics * Frictionless Compressor Technology * Kalina cycle * Programmable keyless entry * Micromanipulating Micromachine * Infrared Curing And Convection Curing * Ball Piston machines * Autonomous Submarines * Automated Highways * Pint Sized Power Plants * Abrasive Blast Cleaning * Air Powered Cars * Magnetic Nanocoposites * Electrochemical Machining (ECM) & EBM~ * Space Robotics * Rijke Tube * Electromagnetic Bomb * Cell Integration Into A Manufacturing System~ * Plasma Arc welding * Trends in welding * Hydrogen Vehicle~ * New Rolling Techniques * Valvetronic Engine Technology * FMS (Flexible Manufacturing Systems) * Latest in hitech petrol fuel injection --GDI (Gasoline direct Injection) * Underwater wind mill * Microfluidics * Aircraft Propeller~ * Micromixers * Nono Fluidics * Electronic Road Pricing System~ * Micro Heat Exchangers * Low inertia dics clutches * Electronbeam Machining~ * nanobatteries * Micro hydraulics * Virtual Reality~ * Touch trigger probes * Solid carbide end mills * Ocean Thermal Energy(12) * DARK ROOM machining * Green Manufacturing * Modeling and simulation * Lean Burn Spark Ignition Engine(13) * Logistics and supply chain management * Machine tools vibration, Noise & condition monitoring * Ergonomics * Safety Systems Nuclear Power Potential as Major Energy Source Energy Conversion and Management Active Electrically Controlled Suspension Special materials for high temperature applications Camless engine with elctromechanical valve actuator Perpetual Motion Machines Recent Trends in Quality Management New trends in Automobile Design Advanced Cooling Systems Fuels from Plastic Wastes Composite materials Geo-Thermal Energy Engineering Applications of Nylon 66 Intelligent manufacturing Variable Valve Timing In I.C. Engines Agile manufacturing * Responsive manufacturing Air Cushion Vehicles Human Artificial organs Advances in cutting tool technology Electric Automobiles High speed Railway coaches Hydraulic railway recovery systems Drive-By Wire Systems Pendolina system for railway passenger comfort Safety features of railway rolling stock Hyperplane Fuel Cell Airplane Selective Catalytic Reduction Skid Steer Loader And Multiterrain Loader Control Of Point Of Operation Hazards Air Powered Cars CVT Pneumatics Control Systems Computer Aided Process Planning (Capp) Green Engine Sensotronic Brake Control Space Robotics F1 Track Design And Safety Thermal Barrier Coatings Biomechatronic Hand Total Productive Maintenance Design, Analysis, Fabrication And Testing Of A Composite Leaf Spring HANS Cryogenic Grinding Hydro Drive Explosive Welding Frictionless Compressor Technology PS: If you want any information on any of above topics please don't contact me as i don't have it but you can always google it . so happy "GOOGLING" :D

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