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    Ian McGuire

    gear box for scissor jack design

    I'm not an engineer but I've sold industrial gearboxes for many years. It may be worth looking at a worm gear. You could probably use one gear set. They can be quite compact for a large reduction.
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    What Would You Like to Know?

    Hi, at first I’m so excited with your post, I actually found it by total chance.I’m new to this place, I just logged in yesterday and I’ve been noticing your comments on lots of topics and really wanted to ask you just about everything ... I‘m from Egypt and I’m in my third year, unfortunately subjects in my college are not really taught very well; for most of the courses I get out knowing almost nothing, there might be a course or two that I manage to save my self in by learning the whole material from a lecture series on YouTube and reading textbooks, attending course at college keeps me on track really just to not dive in too much details. but it’s just hard for me to do the same in each subject, so I plan to continue studying other courses in summer on my own. So I wish you could help me find video course or any material really that I can follow to study... I’m correctly studying heat transfer|| then I’ll revisit heat transfer| since there wasn’t much time last semester to really grasp all topics but that would be after I finish studying combustion all from NPTEL course series and I should study after that hydraulic systems but I’m really really struggling with the material thought by my instructor and couldn’t find a replacement yet... and For this summer I’ll follow Fluid mechanics and Thermodynamics NPTEL series Welding, Fluid dynamics in,Theory of machines, Casting, Applied Thermodynamics, and Numerical Are subjects that I don’t have any clue about and I Don’t know where to start. I have a lot of questions that I’ll write later and I really hope you’d bare with my rusty language...

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