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    Dear Mechanical Engineers We invite you for the following discussion Application of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Mechanical Engineering How can we apply AI in filed of Machine learning ? You can consider your workspace, your industry.....let all of us have come together with ideas...
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    When You Ask for Help ....

    Today, I have a question for readers. I'd like to get everyone who is willing to answer the same question, but also tell me whether you are a practicing graduate engineer or if you currently a student. I think these two groups will answer somewhat differently, so it is important that you identify which one you fall into. The question is really simple: When you ask for help, what do you really want? Are you asking for someone to step in and solve a problem for you? Or, are you asking for a few hints so that you can move forward toward a solution yourself? Perhaps you are asking for something else altogether; if so, please tell me what you want to receive. Thanks, folks. DrD
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    Henry Kurniadi

    Linear actuator

    Could be electromagnetic from solenoid. no current, no magnetic force. energized with current, solenoid produce magnetic force that move the pin laterally. google the term, solenoid actuator. Plenty of commercial product as well.
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    Version 1.1.0


    A COMPLETE INSTRUCTOR AND STUDENT SUPPLEMENT PACKAGE - Continued These ppts are set of instructor and student supplements. . A FOCUS ON DIAGNOSIS AND PROBLEM SOLVING The primary focus of these ppts is to satisfy the need for problem diagnosis. Time and again, the author has heard that technicians need more training in diagnostic procedures and skill development. To meet this need and to help illustrate how real problems are solved, diagnostic stories are included throughout. Each new topic covers the parts involved as well as their purpose, function, and operation, and how to test and diagnose each system.
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    The short answer, Gabe, is that there is no answer; you have asked an impossible question. By conservation of energy, we can give a pretty good estimate for the speed at which the hammer approaches the underside of the anvil. This assumes good bearings, negligible air friction, etc. But after that, you have an impact problem and we need to know what appens to the hammer and anvil after impact. Do they stick together? Do they separate, with the anvil moving up while the hammer moves down? If they separate, what is the coefficient of restitution? Let me also note that force is never measured in g's. A g-value is an acceleration, not a force. I suggest that you look in a good elementary mechanics text under "Impact." Beer & Johnston is the text I would suggest, but there are many that will do. DrD
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    Cracks do not grow by themselves. Most cracking is due to fatigue, and that requires motion. A motionless car will not crack. DrD
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    Is it really necessary to ask such a question? Consider what would happen if the heat were not dissipated, and you'll quickly come to the answer.+
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    Presentation on Design of- Clutch Brake Belts Chain Gears
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    Ian McGuire

    gear box for scissor jack design

    I'm not an engineer but I've sold industrial gearboxes for many years. It may be worth looking at a worm gear. You could probably use one gear set. They can be quite compact for a large reduction.
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    What Would You Like to Know?

    You need to ask around to upper classmen, librarians, lab assistants, in addition to the faculty, and the main question is, "How do graduates of this school find jobs? Where do they make the necessary employer contacts?"\I I'd really be surprised if no industry recruiters come to your campus. Most schools encourage this as a way to help their graduates find work. Also, does your school offer a cooperative education (Co-Op) experience? If so, take it. If you don't know, ask in the Dean's Office. My school had one, and I wish I had done it. I had never heard of such a thing, and it was only after I was long gone that I learned that it had existed. Ultimately, you have to find your own way. You know that many have done so before you and others are doing it right now. You cannot afford to be shy; you must put yourself out there, even if you find it difficult. DrD
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    Which of the following material is most elastic? A. Rubber B. Plastic C. Brass D. Steel E. Glass
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    if you have no reference, it's an incomplete drawing, just think, how would you mesure it? it's so incomplete that there are at least 3 ways to comply with that dimensions. What piliolittle sed it's a possibility but that is right and clear only if the datum reference is positioned in the right place of the dimension. also there are ways to express the chain line with out all that arrows. remember, in every drawing where GD&T is apply there most be an origin, and in this case has to be a 3 axis defined origin
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    *Invitation - Only for Mechanical Engineers* Mechanical Engineering Discussion forums *Forums Link* https://mechanical-engg.com/forums/ To Login https://mechanical-engg.com/login/ For quick login - you can login with Facebook, Twitter, Google etc. To Start new discussion : Click Start new topic button Start with Profile and status updates *Special Offer to encourage participation in the field of Mechanical Engineering* Two Lucky members who logged in between 5 Nov to 7 November 2019 Will get *this Tshirt for FREE* *I AM A Mechanical Engineer* https://teespring.com/me-tees-3-1 Subject to shipping available in the country Lucky draw video will be shown on the youtube channel between 9 to 10 November 2019 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcJpYYsYFpX0XWxrWkLRtkA
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    There has always been a debate and discussion among all engineering students about which engineering course is the best? Students always love discussing about the best branch of engineering. Though this is a proven fact and it needs no discussion that mechanical engineering is the best still I will be providing 10 reasons over here which make mechanical engineering The Best among all other branches of engineering. #1 Evergreen Field: Mechanical engineering is an evergreen field. Applications of mechanical engineering have spread over such a wide spectrum that it has penetrated into almost every industry. Mechanical engineering got its application started right from the birth of this universe and it will continue till the end of this universe. #2 Mother Of All Engineering Disciplines: Yeah it’s mother of all engineering disciplines and you know it! Mechanical engineering links all engineering disciplines together and provides a base for all engineering education. #3 Everything Is Mechanical: Mechanical engineering has its application in all fields of life. May it be medicine, construction, automobile or even software and IT industry. Everything you see around you involves mechanical engineering to some extent. #4 Everlasting Scope: Scope of mechanical engineering is everlasting. Mechanical engineering graduates can find career placements in almost every sector, right from construction sector to steel industry and from automobile to software. #5 Best Job Offers: Mechanical engineers get best job offers after graduation. It’s one of the highest paid jobs all over the world. #6 Social Status: Mechanical engineers are respected in every society. They possess a respectful social status among masses. They are like global ambassadors. Wherever they go, they are treated with respect. #7 Most Interesting: Mechanical engineering involves study of some of the most interesting phenomena of science and engineering. The basic focus during study is on subjects such as thermal engineering, fluid sciences, machine design, industrial engineering and production engineering. #8 Even GOD Loves ME: Ever thought GOD also implemented mechanical engineering in nature? Motion of your body, arms, hands and feet involves mechanical engineering. Your heart pumps blood and it runs through all your veins. This is again application of mechanical engineering. The more you look into nature with the eye of a mechanical engineer, you will find more application of it. #9 Best Lifestyle: Do you need a best lifestyle to live in? Mechanical engineering offers you one of the best lifestyles. It’s like a dream come true. #10 Vast Industry: Mechanical engineering industry is vast. Every industry needs mechanical engineers to run its business smoothly. Do you have more reasons to say? Don’t forget to comment. Let us see how many reasons we can gather here in comments. I hope you enjoyed reading 10 reasons why mechanical engineering is the best course. No doubt It's best engineering course and best engineering branch!
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    It can always be calculated by looking at the section modulus. maximum stress = My/I where M is the Moment at the point being calculated y is half (assuming round) the diameter I is the section modulus (sometimes "Z")...I used to use Z, now almost always use I for some reason...(?!?)...same variable though! for round bar/tube the section modulus (I) is pi(D^4 - d^4)/64 Pi = 3.1415926....etc D = outer diameter d = inner diameter (if present or = 0 if not) As you can see from the formula...for the same weight there would have to be a relatively large increase in diameter...ultimately, the larger the diameter the lower the stress whether it be solid or hollow. If it is hollow, the diameter increases significantly for a much lower ultimate stress in bending...the "^4" has a huge effect! The rigidity is directly proportional to the stress for any given material...the larger the I/Z, the lower the realised stress. Hope this helps
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    Mark Torbett

    Linear actuator

    This is a geared electric actuator, with sync stages for extension, meaning all stages move simultaneously. Honestly the key factors for you you seems like the following 1) Collapsed height, 2) Max stroke for final length, 3) connection, this design only really works for a straight vertical RAM lift. 4) Load- what is real initial load and the dynamic load including acceleration, ie dynamics 101. In the end there are tons of excellent actuators on the market, but key on these is speed, mm/sec and load newtons (dynamic). Also environmental conditions: out door, in door, salt spray, IP sealing rating and finally, same load mount issues as a hydraulic cylinder, clevis clevis with spherical rod mounts- Info shown is pretty basic but not applicable to a actual real world move a load application,
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    Homemade metal bender

    Interesting tutorial video, thanks for sharing it. I love making things, so this will come in useful.
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    Fit_and_Dimensional_Tolerances_Mechanical_Engineering_Drawing Source Ashish K Darpe Department of Mechanical Engineering IIT Delhi Thanks to Mr. Ashish K Darpe Regards Saurabh Jain
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    Hi, I am agree with ojas(OK) mendapara, If your car is not in use then crossion will play their role in it and after a long time you can see crack with your own naked eyes.
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    Speaking of cars, in particular of the chassis, if we keep a car stopped for years, will the weight of the engine and all the components form cracks in the crystalline microstructure of the iron? if we think about a spring, if we leave it compressed for so long it will lose its ability to flex, it will not come back as before (i guess), isn't it the same for a frame that has to hold up an engine for years? perhaps there is a load limit below which the piece will return as before also being compressed for many years? What happens to the metal microstructure in these cases? Correct me if I'm wrong. if the weight of the motor has been designed to keep the deformation of the underlying frame always in the "elastic" and not "plastic" area, how can it damage the metal in the absence of external environmental attacks? thanks
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    Measurement and Instrumentation

    Why is it impossible to determine the actual value of any measurand ?
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    Theory is important, but it needs to be tied to practice. Practice comes in two forms, but necessary. 1) The first is personal practice. Try designing and constructing things. When they fail, ask yourself why, in terms of the theory? What bit of theory would predict that failure? What additional theory do I need to understand this failure? When they work, ask if the theory can guide you to something that works even better. 2) Look at the work of other engineers, always asking yourself "Why was it done this way? Is there a better way? Does this approach avoid any particular problems." I've been an engineer for many years, but I continue to learn new things. Just a few days ago, I toured a river dam and lock system (the lock allows boats to pass through the dam in both directions). I saw things I've never seen before, and thought a lot about why things were done this way. To be a good engineer, you must never stop learning and thinking. DrD
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    Being a mechanical engineer myself I would say that there was nothing which I felt that I couldn't do be it in workshops or classes, the stigma attached to this branch that there is a lot of physical work involved in it , believe me you there is nothing like that. Never be hesitant in discussing your doubts with your classmates and teachers. Try having as much interaction as you can with your classmates. It will surely make you comfortable in class as well as prepare you for the atmosphere of the core companies. And the best part of being in mech is you don't have to go through those cat fights 😛.
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    Turbo supercharger acts as lungs in a CI engine. They enhance the performance of a CI engine by pushing in more air into the cylinder which leads to complete burning of the fuel thus delivering more power to weight ratio. This work deals with the performance of turbo supercharger used in Locomotives. This includes the role played by the turbo chargers in increasing the mean effective pressure which in turn leads to greater power to weight ratio being developed by the engine. This on the other hand leads to an effect of increasing the peak temperature of the inlet air into the cylinders.
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    Wind Load capacity

    It would help if you posted a picture of the situation with dimensions, wind load direction, etc. DrD
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    Pendulum Hammer Impact Force Calculation

    Gabe, I found the attached article on the 'net. I have not read it through, but I'll bet it has some information for you. The internet also has tons of other information on this machine. DrD MediamWeightShockMachine.pdf
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    Pendulum Hammer Impact Force Calculation

    Ah, Gabe! I knew I had seen that figure before, but I certainly did not remember the mil-spec designation! Sadly, really nothing is conserved all the way through the motion. Energy is conserved before the impact and after the impact, but energy is not conserved during the impact. This is where the coefficient of restitution stuff comes in. I would strongly suggest that you keep looking for more definition from the military. There has to be a more complete description, because without such, you cannot possibly have a standard test. If everybody has a different test machine, there is nothing standardized or comparable about the results. DrD
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    Looks like you have the dimensions of the channels (10 x 15.3). Do you know if those are inside dimension, outside dimension, or what? I would suggest you go to a steel design book which will probably give you I for the section. The loading diagram indicates that w = w(x), a variable loading, so you will need to express that mathematically and then integrate twice to get the moment, M(x). From there on, it should be easy. DrD
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    Force generated by running machinery

    There is no simple formula for the force you are asking about. It depends upon the nature of the motions involved. If you would like to post a drawing of your machine (or send it to me by PM), then perhaps I can help you. DrD
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    Dr D. Pit bulls are some of the gentlest dogs unless they are trained otherwise. A lawyer like a politician only cares, or must force themselves to only care, about winning. How much is training, and how much is evil by their nature is impossible to determine.They present a set of information (I hesitate to use facts). The presented information is turned over to a third party judge/jury who come to a decision based on two or more biased and incomplete sets of information. I have sat in court knowing the full story and listening to what was presented which then becomes the only "truth" the jury knows. I have come to realize that we have a legal system and justice is an illusion. I would go one step further and say we have a decision system. As engineers we need to get as close to the truth to prevent danger to those using our designs. The legal system needs to reach a decision so the system can move on. And they are very slow to undo a decision even when confronted with information that would have altered the original decision. My advice about our legal system, avoid it like a disease. If dragged into it don't expect justice any more than you would expect a fair fight from a mugger. Good engineers can keep you out of trouble. A good lawyer can get you out of trouble. For the first case good is a complement. In the latter, it does not necessarily have the same connotation as the first. Praised be to God we made our livelihood as engineers.
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    We welcome comments on each picture of engines...
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    Machine Vibration

    Please explore 1.Weather machine RPM can be changed. 2.Consider resonance factor.Look for possibility of change in natural frequency of machine structure/Foundation.
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    Good company will give u the abstract about the work on there home website as how they provide services for society development. Fisrt need to choose a category like pumps ( design, installation, commissioning, operation & maintaining), pipe laying. Above 2 section need knowledge in material selection, which type welding needed according to the load and the fuild that need to transfer also. HVAC is an entirely different and challenging section that one need good knowledge in thermodynamics.
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    Flywheel and DC motor

    Hetal, Please publish your results here so that we may all benefit from them. DrD
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    You are limited by the measurement equipment sensitivity/accuracy/limit. Ruler limited to 1 mm, for example. I f someone measure with ruler and report it as 7.1 mm... that's bull.
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    When fuel is injected into combustion chamber, the droplets of fuel takes heat from surrounding air and vaporizes. Then it's temperature goes on increasing till it reaches to auto ignition temperature and then combustion starts. This whole process requires some time (fraction of second) and it is known as IGNITION DELAY OR DELAY PERIOD. Ideally, as injrction starts, ignition should take place simultaneously. That is , ignition delay should be as small as possible. Suppose auto ignition temperature of fuel is more then there will be more ignition delay period. This means that after injection start, the fuel will droplets will accumulate in combustion chamber. And after auto ignition temperature reaches, this accumulated fuel burns promptly. In fact it explodes. This is cause of knocking in CI Engine. There are several factors which affects knocking such as A/F ratio, compression ratio, auto ignition temperature, engine speed, inlet temperature, intake pressure etc. It is very difficult to differentiate between normal engine running and knocking in case of CI Engine.
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    There are: (typically) 1. dead load (structure weight, engine weight) 2. live load (driver weight) 3. wind load Load 3 will be varied according to working conditions. Some working conditions: normal conditions (max speed/rpm), extreme conditions (over-speed rpm), braking conditions.
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    It’s from a Manufacturing Processes book by Serope Kalpakjian. (Kinda reference for most major college in Manufacturing Processes course) your reference practically replacing my feed rate v=f*N, with object length L. Also using Davg.
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    Good information
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    New Microsoft Office Word Document.docx
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    It is a control device which keeps/brings ur engine on normal operating temperature very quickly to keep engine performance smooth and safe
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    I have one reference drawing about conveyor, you download by this link : http://adf.ly/16014671/conveyor-belt. (solidwork version 2014" And you can download geartrax software to help you draw the sprocket easier: http://adf.ly/16014671/geartrax2015 Have a nice day.
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    Well you can easily learn at the view of 3D mode(s) about Mechanical Machinery , such as Mechanical Gears, Four Stroke Combustion Engine Introduction, Engine Cylinder Explained etc . I hope people find learning mechanical engineering in 3D a pleasure and that the knowledge gained may be of use. If you have any question please let me know. Thanks.
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    because least count is the minimum value tat can be counted through vernier caliper.
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    My point . cylinder and piston in between some amount of cap we give it's uses for free move piston up and down . and assembly process also it used . now the given cap compression time leack the air fuel mixture it's create lack of compression so we uses ring leack stop and oil ring it's down eng cooling oil not mixed with air flue it's help .. And sorry am not good in English any mistakes forgive
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    But of course , Oil or hydraulic type oil is the best type of lubricator.
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    Oleg Ushakov


    From the album: My drawings

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    hello everyone here are some of the topics i have collected throughout my engineering hope it will help some one. * Advances In Capillary Fluid Modelling * Hybrid Motorcycles* * Machine Vision * Crew Exploration Vechicles * ACC-Plus(Adaptive Crusie Control+) System * Micro/Meso-scale Manufacturing * Turbines in silicon * Self-Healing Polymer Technology * Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD) * Launching Space Vechicles from Moon * Pseudoelasticity and Shape Memory in Metal Nanowires * Quantum Chromo Dynamics * MEMS In Industrial Automation * Fluid Energy Milling * Snake Well Drill * Infrared Thermography * Shock Waves & Shock Diamonds * Camless engine with elctromechanical valve actuator * Aircraft Egress * Molecular Engineering * Cordless Tools * Free Form Modelling Based on N-Sided Surfaces * Functional Nanocrystalline Ceramics * Frictionless Compressor Technology * Kalina cycle * Programmable keyless entry * Micromanipulating Micromachine * Infrared Curing And Convection Curing * Ball Piston machines * Autonomous Submarines * Automated Highways * Pint Sized Power Plants * Abrasive Blast Cleaning * Air Powered Cars * Magnetic Nanocoposites * Electrochemical Machining (ECM) & EBM~ * Space Robotics * Rijke Tube * Electromagnetic Bomb * Cell Integration Into A Manufacturing System~ * Plasma Arc welding * Trends in welding * Hydrogen Vehicle~ * New Rolling Techniques * Valvetronic Engine Technology * FMS (Flexible Manufacturing Systems) * Latest in hitech petrol fuel injection --GDI (Gasoline direct Injection) * Underwater wind mill * Microfluidics * Aircraft Propeller~ * Micromixers * Nono Fluidics * Electronic Road Pricing System~ * Micro Heat Exchangers * Low inertia dics clutches * Electronbeam Machining~ * nanobatteries * Micro hydraulics * Virtual Reality~ * Touch trigger probes * Solid carbide end mills * Ocean Thermal Energy(12) * DARK ROOM machining * Green Manufacturing * Modeling and simulation * Lean Burn Spark Ignition Engine(13) * Logistics and supply chain management * Machine tools vibration, Noise & condition monitoring * Ergonomics * Safety Systems Nuclear Power Potential as Major Energy Source Energy Conversion and Management Active Electrically Controlled Suspension Special materials for high temperature applications Camless engine with elctromechanical valve actuator Perpetual Motion Machines Recent Trends in Quality Management New trends in Automobile Design Advanced Cooling Systems Fuels from Plastic Wastes Composite materials Geo-Thermal Energy Engineering Applications of Nylon 66 Intelligent manufacturing Variable Valve Timing In I.C. Engines Agile manufacturing * Responsive manufacturing Air Cushion Vehicles Human Artificial organs Advances in cutting tool technology Electric Automobiles High speed Railway coaches Hydraulic railway recovery systems Drive-By Wire Systems Pendolina system for railway passenger comfort Safety features of railway rolling stock Hyperplane Fuel Cell Airplane Selective Catalytic Reduction Skid Steer Loader And Multiterrain Loader Control Of Point Of Operation Hazards Air Powered Cars CVT Pneumatics Control Systems Computer Aided Process Planning (Capp) Green Engine Sensotronic Brake Control Space Robotics F1 Track Design And Safety Thermal Barrier Coatings Biomechatronic Hand Total Productive Maintenance Design, Analysis, Fabrication And Testing Of A Composite Leaf Spring HANS Cryogenic Grinding Hydro Drive Explosive Welding Frictionless Compressor Technology PS: If you want any information on any of above topics please don't contact me as i don't have it but you can always google it . so happy "GOOGLING" :D

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