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      • roberth

        Hi I have a doubt I am studying strain of the materials and I wanted to know is there are internal forces when the bodyt is in equilibrium and if so, this is at the molecular level
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      • Esam Muftah

        I am working now on 
        Performance evaluation of steam injected gas turbine power cycle.
        the aims are 
        1.    Investigate the effect of steam injection on SGT-500 Industrial Gas Turbine through thermodynamic analysis.
        2.    Develop a detailed thermodynamic model and consider the limit of steam injection in relation to the operating limit for the SGT-500 gas turbine.
        I am strangling in someways anyone could help. 
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      • Yar Pyae

        Should I learn Autodesk AutoCAD as a Mechanical Engineering Student?. Or which softwares should I learn?
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      • kurzin

        Hello collegues
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      • Mateusz Hamera

        I serach definition - speed ratio and power ratio.
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      • Athar K. M.

        Enhancing Creativity in Idea Generation for Mechanical Engineering Design
        1. Inspirational Idea Generation:- It is one of the most modern methods of enhancing the design process. After doing hours of design research, a break is given to the brain in order to generate favorable boredom. Next, the designer generates innovative ideas in his design notebook. This process of meditation and idea generation are done repeatedly. Finally, the creative region of the brain gets triggered. These inspirations help one to generate new ideas for innovative technology.
        2. Collaborative Idea Generation:- Ideas are discussed by a team of designers. On the plus side, the time taken to reach the creativity trigger is reduced. However, there is not much time spent on meditation which reduces the innovativeness of the idea.
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      • EngrMansoor

        I think the human race made a big mistake at the beginning of the industrial revolution, we leaped for the mechanical things, people need the use of their hands to feel creative.

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      • DMU Mechanical Engineering

        a hand book of mechanical engineering that consists of all courses in short and precise way
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      • John Xurplux

        had abt us? we are specialist of any diesel engine, we repair and also set all kind s of diesel engine timming. like; mecedese benz,ford transit<old and new model>,nissan,mandiesel,volkswagen,mitsubishi,renault,e.t.c
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      • Alexey Ivanov

        Universal method of kinematic analysis of spatial and planar link mechanisms.

        The application of idea Draghilev method of solving systems of nonlinear equations
        for the kinematic analysis of link mechanisms with any number degrees of freedom.


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      • EGUAOJE Fredrick

        The start of any Bow Tie is a Hazard.
        Good morning from Lagos, Nigeria
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      • loadmate

        I Beam Manual Trolley Structure & Installation read more
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      • MayankBambal

        It turns out that if you optimize the performance of a car and of an airplane, they are very far away in terms of mechanical features. So you can make a flying car. But they are not very good planes, and they are not very good cars. Gregory Benford
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      • Hamid 67

        And I'm gonna be high as a kite by then
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        Elton John
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      • JLDavis

        For the gear head designer crowd.
        I am designing a reduction unit that is powered by a V8 engine which has torque impulses every 90 degrees. Nominal max torque is 600 ft lbs, so peak probably 1200 ft lbs. Spline in question is on the driven shaft so this sees 2400 ft lbs due to 2:1 reduction. Spline is 20/40 involute on a 2.25 Dia 4130 (assume 100kpsi tensile) hollow shaft. The max spline lengrth is 1.5 inches. Shaft splines drive a 7075 aluminum hub, assume 80K tensil strength. Here is the question, assuming 25 % spline engagement, what is the torque safety factor of the splined coupling? Your help and comments appreciated. BEST regards Jerry Davis
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      • Gaurav Jc Goyal  »  Zanotho Mhlanga

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      • MstrFrank

        I'm starting school full time soon and my laptop has crashed. Is a MacBook Pro a good choice or can someone toss out some ideas?
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      • Md. Babu Miah

        When The Mechanical Engineer Rest,The World Will Be Rust
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      • Harry Wiranata (H.W)

        SAND MIXER
        Source : https://wordpress.com/post/promotor4tech.wordpress.com/5
        For more at : https://promotor4tech.wordpress.com/

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      • Nahom Tesfaye

        I am first year mechanical engineering student. i want to be a good in mechanical and get a better score. 
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      • Saurabh Upadhyay

        What is difference between shaft and axle?
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      • Saurabh Upadhyay

        What is difference between driving and driven shaft?
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      • BLAZE77

        If you want to make the most of yourself, stop competing with others. Always be at your best by adding style to whatever you do. This is the key to happiness.
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      • Harry Wiranata (H.W)

        Source : https://wordpress.com/post/promotor4tech.wordpress.com/650
        See for more at : https://promotor4tech.wordpress.com/

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      • BrightAgyekum

        I am a mechanical engineer and a web developer. I love computing and coding at my leisure hours. I am passionate about Technology and Innovations. 
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