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  1. Hi Everyone, I am working on a project by using Matlab. If there is anybody who knows Matlab and helps me, I appreciate. My question is; how to find intersection point of two curves and plotting stops at this point? To clarify, I have some equations, below, to specify the coordinate of points to get desired shape of curves. They pass each other beacuse of their construction. However, I want to make program plot the curves when the intersection exists. To visualise for you, I attached the image. Thanks. X_inv = R.*sin(B_involute); Y_inv = R.*cos(B_involute); (for first curve) X = (Yt.*sin(W))-(Xt.*cos(W)); Y = (Yt.*cos(W))+(Xt.*sin(W)); (for second curve)
  2. thanks for your interest but there is no any information about what i am looking for.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Gear Tooth Design Gear_Drive_Systems_Design_and_Application_Lynwander_Peter.PDF
  4. I am looking forward to find a source which is about geometric design of spur gear tooth profile. Especially, trochoid/root fillet. I have searched on the internet but could not find any article or something else. Waiting for your help
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