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  1. alright but you know if we stand on the weighing machine, we affected with the gravitational force and gravitational force pulls us at that time. so don't you think it will be our mass as well as gravitational force? which will lead to our weight.
  2. what does a weighing machine measure our weight or mass?
  3. hey, guys!!! attempt the previous quiz. I will come up with the new quiz soon.
  4. hi, everyone! hope you all are doing well. guys i would like to encourage you all to post your doubts and help others. you can also provide some new researches and information about kinematics of machines. this is your group and you all are of part of it. thank you
  5. Now you can take the quiz. Sorry for the inconvenience. It was a technical error. And you Always looked smater.
  6. what are the practical usages of kinematics os machines?
    • Graded Mode
    • 5 minutes
    • 5 Questions
    • 6 Players
    after solving this section you will get some idea about the practical usage of the kinematics of machine. quize 1(1).pdf
  7. I have read that in the book "theory of machines by SS Ratan". It is a special mechanism of four bar linkage in which the two equal links are adjacent to each other.when any of shorter link is fixed, a double crank mechanism can be obtained.and when any of longer link is fixed two crank-rocker mechanisms are obtained
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