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  1. In fact, I am searching for another country to start my career in because I'm considered a refugee in the country that I live in, and I can't be legalized by the Engineers Syndicate, which means I can't legally work in an engineering company.
  2. Hello guys, Where is the best place to work as a mechanical engineer? Canda or USA or Australia or Germany !!! P.s: I am not a citizen in any of these countries !!
  3. Ahmed Baq


    hello DrD maybe P is the number of teeth on a planet gear.it's more sense right now, it seems my instructor give me wrong given thank you for help
  4. Ahmed Baq


    hello guys if someone can help to proof this equation: (Nc+Nr)/P = integer Nc= teeth of sun ( gears) Nr= teeth of ring P= number of plantery gear why it always give an integer number ??
  5. any help guys :/ A wooden cylinder 60 cm in diameter, sp.gr. 0.5, has a concrete cylinder 60 cm long of the same diameter sp.gr. 2.5, attached to one end. Determine the length of the wooden cylinder for the system to float in stable equilibrium with its axis vertical.
  6. Find the minimum cam size and the corresponding amount of offset for a cam with a reciprocating roller follower when the rise angle is 120, the return angle is 90, maximum pressure angles during rise and return is 30 and the lift is 25 mm for the following cases: a) The rise is parabolic and the return is simple harmonic.
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