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  1. Well milling machine can work for you but milling machine are used where MRR is usually high if gonna use milling you will be needing grinding after that for surface finish. So why not grind directly as far as I think you are looking for low MRR. If you going to remove a lot of material milling is good followed by grinding.
  2. Hello sir 1. I have my own copies of software but they are buggy as they are pirated. I like to work in AutoCAD which is basically 2D. Although i work with them i am capable of working without it . I can work with simple drawing equipment. I am capable of working with drafter and other drawing instruments. 2. My college taught me to work with Creo( ProE) and AutoCAD. 3. For analysis i like the material testing lab and am trained to use UTM and spring testing and column testing etc. So no big deal i can do analysis without software.
  3. Dear Mr. Devesh Your question is so basic and ans is very big. Its a very big and important topic there is whole chapter about it an even book. So try to study it offline and carefully. Tell me your country and i will recommend a book.
  4. Right if you already have river water then there is no need to filter brackish water.but hey think of a place close to sea and you are asked to supply water to that area what will you use water available near the place or water available 10 km away. Due to salinity gradient water near sea becomes salty water not just few meter but several kilometers sometimes. There are few more reasons like draught is also responsible for dependence upon desalination of sea water.now if i have to set a plant i will choose to desalination plant near the place rather than setting a plant far from the place where fresh water is available and then transport that purified water to place. Because setup cost will be less in former plant due to nearness to load. So inconclusion we are not happy if we have to desalinate the water rather simply filtering but we have to as there is no other economical options.And sometimes desalination gives useful by product like salt , sulfur etc.
  5. Whenever there is term power it is related to mechanical as we all know primary source of energy is heat and mechanical devices are mostly used in conversion of heat in other form of energy.So yes nuclear power is strongly connected to mechanical engineering as the steam turbines are used to produced electricity. And in my opinion nuclear power plants are nothing but steam power plants using nuclear fuel(fissionable material).
  6. In liquid light oil (extracted from crude oil) and freon12(liquid) has almost no variation in K with temperature. Also carbon steel and stainless steel (solid) have very less variation in K with temperature.
  7. Well nothing is impossible but building a compressor for liquid is difficult because liquids are nearly incompressible and needs to much power to compress a little bit so for applying such force we need very strong blade , much higher force. Now if you use same compressor for gas it would be like using jet engine to run motorcycle. Also liquid compressors are very rare. Gas compressors are light in construction.
  8. Because diesel engine are bulkier than petrol for same power output and also complex and heavy. They make much noise have low RPM.petrol engine are more efficient.
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