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  1. Hello friends,


    May i know wheather TIG welding require Filler Material?

    if yes or if NO please give ur comments for that....

    1. Xeric Halwende

      Xeric Halwende

      Filler rod is not mandatory in this type of welding.( That's the most advantageous and convenient because you can't have this option for other welding processes).  You can use a filler rod of compatible material to the base material and the material that can fit into the melting point to enhance the welding! Good luck 

  2. In M.S., What is ST 37-2 material , it is hot rolled sheet (HRCA) or Cold rolled sheet (CRCA) ?

    1. Xeric Halwende

      Xeric Halwende

      There are both varieties available - Both Hot rolled and cold rolled. 


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