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  1. Tractor means (traction + motor) as the name itself says, the rear wheels are made for traction and 
    stability from slipping , so as the application in farm, dozer i.e., in where the soil is loose, heavy bumps with ups and downs. To maintain stability in such case, traction is required, and not to get stuck in these cases, Torque is required. T= F.r Larger the wheel size is, then larger the area of impression, hence smaller the force on loose soil which helps
    the wheels not to get into the ground.                                                                                                                                                            The front wheels are small, for steering ( turning ) the vehicle...if the front wheels r big it will be very hard
    for the driver to steer it....Thus the actions of the front/rear wheels are distributed by its design.

  2. Examples of HVAC jobs and HVAC careers that you may be qualified to apply for include:

    • HVAC Installers
    • HVAC Maintenance Technicians
    • HVAC Estimators
    • HVAC Project Managers
    • HVAC Installation Managers
    • HVAC Operations Managers
    • HVAC Refrigeration Technicians
    • HVAC Manufacturer Reps
    • Pipefitters
    • Engineers
    • Designers and Drafters
    • Service Managers
    • Superintendents
    • Wholesale Suppliers
    • Appliance Technicians

    Scope of HVAC.doc

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