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    Mexico City
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    All about mechanical engineering, solar energy, motors working with water, and all new technologies.
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    I am not working at this moment, because my age.
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    Superintendente de Mantenimiento
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    9 on some subjets and 8 in the most of them
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    I studied for pumps and boiler expert
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    Instituto Politécnico Nacional, México City, ESIME

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    Felipe Romero

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    Proyect of auxiliar services for a company to make copper pipes in San Luis potosi, Mexico, calculation of size o the equipments, and pipes.
    In Almexa Aluminio S.A. de C.V. relocation of all the casters machines to make aluminum rolls, from Barrientos to Ecatepec Estado de Mexico
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    I was in a course to calculate piping systems, siizes, schedule, diameters, supports and all the accessories of the systrems, I studied hydraulic power systems with vickers, valves and pumps equipment.

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  1. A diesel engine works by igniting (igniting) the fuel when it is injected in high-pressure spray in a chamber (or pre-chamber, in the case of indirect injection) of combustion that contains air at a temperature above the auto-combustion temperature, No need for spark as in gasoline engines. This process is called autoinflammation. The temperature that initiates the combustion comes from the elevation of the temperature that takes place in the second time of the engine, the compression. The fuel is injected into the upper part of the combustion chamber at high pressure from very small holes in the injector, so that it is atomized and mixed with the air at high temperature (between 700 and 900 ° C) and high Pressure. As a result, the mixture ignites very quickly. This combustion causes the gas contained in the chamber to expand, driving the piston outwards.
  2. Good afternoon nwankotiwk the problem you show is very interesting, but from yesterdey I made my calculations, I was not very sure about the values I had, I made one more time the calculations with the values of 1.2 m3/s and 400 kPa, but I have the power of the motor smaller than you show, I have 478 KW or 661 HP, I made it with a short calculation yesterday and today with the Crane flow of fluids. And with the problem I will calculate the size of the motor with a quarter of flow and a quarter of the pressure, cuold you please give me an answer. thanks, i write from Mexico City. Felipe Romero.
  3. Do you remember the motor that used the water as combustible instead of gasoline?, or in the USA they say gas, This was made by one American Engineer Steve Mayer, this could change the world of the internal combustion motors, so, in Mexico some companies are selling some kits named Hydrogen generators, but I hope that they are not giving all the secret, because you have to use the gasoline and the hydrogen mixed, you save only from 10 to 50% of gas, but not all, In this year will be sent to the market the Tesla car, and It has an electrical motor, this coul be the change, it is shown in youtube, if the Oilers give them the chance of course, bye.
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