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    The international research regarding the thermophysical properties of water and steam has been coordinated by the International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam (IAPWS). IAPWS is responsible for the international standards for thermophysical properties. These standards and recommendations are given in the form of releases, guidelines, and advisory notes. One of the most important standards in this sense is the formulation for the thermodynamic properties of water and steam for industrial use.
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    ANSYS offers engineering simulation solution sets in engineering simulation that a design process requires. Companies in a wide variety of industries use ANSYS software. The tools put a virtual product through a rigorous testing procedure (such as crashing a car into a brick wall, or running for several years on a tarmac road) before it becomes a physical object.

    This pdf gives good start to understand and learn ANSYS
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    Dear Folks,

    Enjoy with useful Engineers pocket guide
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