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  1. Logeswaran Anna university Perambalur 2012-16 Tesla,spaced Heat and Mass transfer None
  2. Type the easy and understanding of simple CNC coding with header.
  3. Hi mine is 60/100 Hey I need PDF version question only can I get in my mail. My mail:loges2012118014@yahoo.com
  4. CALCULATIONS: Internal radius(r) =145mm Width (b) =26mm Length (l) =122mm Load (P) =1834.47N MF=½p.r.b.(OO1)[(θ2-θ1)+½(sin2θ1-sin2θ2)] MF = 0.578*145*26*50*[(1.92-0.698) + ½(sin80-sin220)] =110,903.13 N =110,903 N MN =µ.p.b.r[r(cosθ1-cosθ2)+OO1/4(cos2θ2-cos2θ1)] MN=0.4*0.578*26*145[145(cos40-cos110) + 50/4(cos220-cos80)] =129,805 N Braking Torque: TB=µ.p.b.r²[cosθ1-cosθ2] For one shoe TB1=0.4*0.578*26*145²*[cos40cos110] =118,763.503 N =118,763 N Total braking torque TB=2*TB1 =237,527 N Force exerted by the cam on the leading shoe F1= (MN-MF) / l = (129805-110903)/76.6 =246.76 N Force exerted by the cam ring on the trailing shoe F2=(MN+MF)/ l =(129805+110903)/76.6 =3142.4 N =3142 N. MODELING PROCESS: DIMENSIONS: r=145mm b=26mm t=5mm θ1=40° θ2=110° a=OO1=OO2=50mm now i need only how to analysis this...
  5. Brake shoe failure is usually detected by a high pitch scraping noise. Most cars of today have disc brake pads which have a thin piece of metal which will hit the disc and make a high noise before brake pad failure

  6. Hi to Everyone, Give the suggestion of my thoughts in Predict The Time Of Brake Shoe Failure By Applying Brake. In our daily life we regularly applying brake in several times. Every Each time brake applied its get a friction and wear.If we can Calculate the force And No. of time brake applied on brake shoe when it's going to failure. Then we will predict the life time and remaining brake apply counts. give your valuable feedbackss...
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