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  1. Hello All, FYI: DN2600 Butterfly valve flange mounting hole diameter = 62mm. Bolt size = M56. Doubt: By mistake we have manufactured water pipeline flange with mounting hole diameter = 60mm. Now we don't have option to increase hole size to 62mm. Does it create any problem if I use this 60mm mounting hole pipeline flange to install such a big valve? Is it make difficult to allign valve with pipeline flange? Please help me with your onsite experiences.
  2. Hi, Currently I'm working for a Medium scale industry in Special Purpose machinery design using CAD tools Solidworks. I got an offer in an mnc, where I will be involved in product development(2D to 3D conversion, BOM,...). I'm in a dilema whether to take up the new offer or stay back with the SPMs design??? How will be the career in Product design? pls guide me...
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