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  1. Hi, There is a quite new site for engineers www.engineeringskills.org Additionally some sites I visit for news, communication and ides are: http://www.engineering.com/ http://www.eng-tips.com/ https://www.pddnet.com/ http://www.designnews.com/ https://www.engineeringclicks.com/
  2. Ok, it is little unclear for me, what do you mean by "TYPE WIND TURBINE"? What is the difference compared to regular wind turbine?
  3. Why you need wind turbine indoors? There is no wind in rooms normally.
  4. I am quite sure that your prototype could be done by some software, but doing small physical model by houshold items is very good idea and sometimes it is much fater way and gives better first impression and insight of the product functionality than virtual prototype. Yeah it would be great if other engineers here could share their challanges or struggles they have right now and need some help with.
  5. Hi, Yes, I think it is absolutely eligible, even necessary. I would say even necessary or required. For example I started internship right after my 1st year out of 4 years. For us it was required part to have internship every summer minimum 2 months in some fabrication company. After the first year I started in one steel structures fabrication company and worked in preparation department where I worked with stamping and bending machines. Also plasma cutting etc. It was really valuable experience to understand the basics. Next summer I worked on CNC milling center. etc. So I personnaly suggest to get the first practical experiences as soon as possible and start from easier and more basic tasks and move on step by step to more complicated tasks. Good luck.
  6. Ok, understand. But what is your biggest challenge right now as a mechanical engineer?
  7. Hi, First, simple sketch or photo would be helpful to better understand the problem and situation. What is STG? At the moment I understand that the gap is in axial direction. What caused this 14mm deviation? Is it the wrong coupling position on shaft or is it caused by the wrong position of generator?
  8. Why is getting to know that so important to you? What will it change?
  9. When it comes to Mechanical Engineering...If you could wave a magic wand and have any result today, what would that be?
  10. Hi, Interestin idea. Actually I did not catch the idea (in technical meaning) how these magnets generate a repelling force inside the shoe. Good luck with you project.
  11. Results look nice. I only see that some red dots have some deviations from the line. Also noticed that you have smaller red dots there. Which one did you use to generate your data, small or big dots? Good to hear that it solved your problem.
  12. Hi, There is a software available called WebPlotDigitizer to extract data from plots, images and maps (http://arohatgi.info/WebPlotDigitizer/). Take a look their tutorial video to have a quick overview how to use it. Try this I think it is better solution than Excel. Let us know did it work.
  13. Hi, What software do you use and how long have you been in business?
  14. Hi, you are right, you´re never too young for engineering. Yes I am glad to answer if I can, it depends what are your questions.
  15. Hi I joined with this forum few weeks ago, so I thought it would be proper to introduce myself shortly. The last 10 years have been extremely interesting in my life as a mechanical engineer. I have successfully finished my MSc and PhD studies. At the same period of time I managed to work as a Chief Designer to utilize my theoretical knowledges in practice and vice versa. My field was design and manufacturing of heavy steel structures and reflector dishes for Satellite Earth Station Antennas. I have managed almost 100 projects to fabricate about 150 earth station antennas steel structure. This gave me valuable experiences as a mechanical engineer and additionally very good experiences in daily basis communication and teamwork with other engineers, designers and project managers internationally. The most exciting for me is to improve product design or fabrication process. I am open minded and like to analyse and test different ideas and solutions no matter how silly they sound. I believe that the most valuable lesson I have learned through my engineer career is ability to make decisions and ready to take the consequences. So I am interested to meet interesting people to see how we could be helpful to each other. I am a lifelong learner and enjoy self-improvement. One of my favorite quot is: “Once you stop learning, you start dying” - Albert Einstein - Thank you for your attention, it is nice to meet you all here! In case you have any questions regarding to my engineering experiences, please be free to let me know. Name: Tarmo Location : Estonia Age: 34 Highest Degree PhD (ME) Year of passing the graduate degree 2012 Name of Institute: Tallinn University of Technology
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