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  1. Sangeet Bhattacharya

    Results you would like to have as a Mechanical Engineer

    Well, that's a tough question to answer because i'm in my 3rd semester right now, but i'm facing problems in prototyping one of my ideas. I want a miniature of my design to see whether it is working properly. Maybe it can be done by some software, i don't know, but i'm trying to do it with some simple household things. Using disposable syringes for hydraulics and ice cream sticks. Maybe the magic wand can help me there! But your question is really appreciating. Many engineers here can answer that leading to some good and interesting discussion.
  2. Sangeet Bhattacharya

    Did I Go to School to Make Copies?

    That was an excellent read JAG Engineering LLC. The whole procedure to get to a position where we can actually "engineer " something is kind of analogous to a rookie in kung fu. He thinks that he is ready to learn those round kicks and death punches but it turns out that the master wants him to mop the floor or jump across bushes. Good insight to students like us. Thank you
  3. Parul, I have some doubts. You say the boots generate strong magnetic forces (repulsive), and magnets repel magnets only, then how one can walk just anywhere? I'm assuming that shoes have magnets inside or a source of magnetic field which will uplift the body to an extent, but for that the ground should interact with that field. And generally ground doesn't do so. Please clarify. The project is very interesting.
  4. Sangeet Bhattacharya

    Results you would like to have as a Mechanical Engineer

    I don't think knowing it will have any breakthrough development, but I've been reading about 'em, working out problems therefore i wanted to 'wave the magic wand on it'.
  5. Sangeet Bhattacharya

    water properties

    For the first question refer to a P-v graph of water For the second question refer to P-T graph of water
  6. Sangeet Bhattacharya

    Simple question on section method.

    I agree with JAG Enguneering LLC. As far as your problem is concerned, it is similar to normal reaction offered by the table to the book kept on it. Did you ever wonder why direction of normal force is upward for only book as system while the same force is downward for the table as a system? If NO, then you shouldn't be surprised here either! Actually there exists a force gradient (within the bar) starting from the left side of the bar to right which can well be assumed as linear along the bar. If you take left end as x=0, and right one as x=L we can write the internal force (in this case tension) as a function of x as: f= F1 - (FI-F2)(x/L) ...................(1) for each x you get a different internal force, which is because F1 isn't equal to F2. If F1 = F2, which is the case in many problems, you get a constant gradient equal to F1. And yes this is called method of sections. Hope this helps!
  7. Sangeet Bhattacharya

    Results you would like to have as a Mechanical Engineer

    LOL.... I would like to know the exact stress distribution within a material subjected to random loading.
  8. Keep Calm and Do Mechanical EngineeringB)!

  9. Sangeet Bhattacharya

    Becoming An Expert -- Part 3

    DrD, Thanks a lot for your elaborate answer. I will try to revise DEs from time to time. We were taught this chapter in our first semester. Yeah you are right, the book i'm following for dynamics has tonnes of practical situations, like cams, slider crank mechanisms, amusement park ride systems and author's favorite- radars and planes. Well, for improving modelling skills and applying science in everyday life I found out an online course on EDx . Thank you again!
  10. Sangeet Bhattacharya

    A Question for Readers

    DrD, Yeah but you see the price of the software is just too high for me, $600 (64 bit version), its equivalent to my fees of one semester. But if i use it after graduation, i will make sure that i have a legal copy. (Thank you , i don't want to ruin my carrer.) I have fixed the link, now it should work.
  11. Sangeet Bhattacharya

    Becoming An Expert -- Part 3

    Hy DrD, I really have very little knowledge about what kind of technical problems and challenges one faces as an engineer in real life. Questions like this always pop in my mind, like- will these differential equations still be needed to solve any industrial problem? Will the mechanics problems i face in my engineering life be like the ones i solve in my class or book? Will they be harder? How will i model them? In school we're only taught about techniques to solve problems that are already modeled. We don't get any idea about the challenges and problems industries face. Your post was really great and I think this is the only way of knowing the technical problems faced, i.e talking to an engineer. I googled many a times but none of the results were satisfactory. Thanx
  12. Sangeet Bhattacharya

    A Question for Readers

    Hy DrD, Actually I got a copy of EES software from my seniors. So I can use it after I leave school. If you want to use it you have to purchase it from their website. Alternatively you can use Engineering suite which is a similar of EES, but it doesn't do much. And its free to download. thank you
  13. Sangeet Bhattacharya

    How To Become An Expert

    Thanks for your suggestion DrD. It really helped a lot.
  14. Sangeet Bhattacharya

    How To Become An Expert

    DrD, Your explanation is right but i'm asking for -how to develop that 'thinking' which can replace any existing mechanism for something with a better one? I mean the applications all around us (like those slide crank mechanism) took a lot of years to develop, and surely there is a chance of betterment. My cousin who is an inventor told me that he tries to link any concept that he learns with a gadget or machine that he can make or improve. I tried to to do that but when i look for ways.........my mind becomes kind of empty.....blank! It will be helpful if you suggest me ways that can help me get along that direction.