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  1. Hello all, first post here. I am big into cars and have always been involved in the Saab & BMW forums for customizing my cars so while contemplating something I am trying to develop for work it hit me, why don't I try to discuss my situation with some other experts to see what we can come up with, so here I go. I am trying to design a cyclone cylinder for small particle separation and collection. by small I am talking about 1-10 microns. So in a way I am developing a custom spray dryer type of thing and taking advantage of cyclone technology for separation and collection. I developed one cyclone cylinder but my dimensions are not ideal. I can see that my cylinder would work a lot better if not entirely if I were flowing a lot more drying gas that I would prefer. I am trying to get my flow of drying gas (N2) under 50 l/min. My solution flow is a tiny fraction of that (about 2-10 ml/min) and depends on the solution being dried but my drying ingredients are diluted in over 50% dilution liquid, methanol or ethenal usually. Anyways, I have ideas on how I will modify my first prototype but I would like to know what other professionals out there thing I should take into account. Right now my issue is that at low drying gas flows I am barely getting any cyclone action in my cylinder so all my powder is existing the outlet. When I bring the flow of drying gas up then I start to get my cyclone action but I can see that I would have to increase the flow even more to get anywhere near the yield percentages I am looking for. First thing I will do is decrease the radius of my cyclone inlet to try and get my acceleration into the cylinder up. I will also decrees the radius of my outlet to try and restrict as much as possible the escaping gas only coming from the center of the cylinder. Any help or recommendations will be appreciated but I am hoping to get some thought on whether the cylinder should be smaller in over all radius or if you think that shouldn't matter to much; I am a little twisted up on this aspect. I believe the smaller the radius the easier it would be to achieve the cyclone action I am looking for but I am wondering if I would be able to achieve the same by just decreasing the inlet to the cylinder? Anyways, I have said enough to bore just about anyone so I will leave it at that for now, feel free to ask anything that needs clarification (I am terrible at describing or starting the relevant facts). I can also post pictures if anyone is interested. Thanks, lets see what happens...
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