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  1. Hello, I have a problem in ANSYS Static Structural Analysis when there are contacting surfaces. I explained the situaition below, could you please help me? THE PROBLEM I need to realize a static structural simulation where there are two contacting bodies as one of them is defined as rigid (brown body) and the other one is defined as deformable (yellow body) shown in the picture below. The Force on the Circular Surface: In the picture; the brown body is rigid and the yellow body is deformable. I apply a force in the negative x direction on the circular
  2. you can find some examples to draw on solidworks or something else in this page: https://www.facebook.com/Teknik-Resim-Çizimleri-132450787088363/?hc_ref=ARRhyVH4Wg1SzU3uFfout9HvtWKXH7ezbkDfyQhhS-btfc-YhT9r-HD5Pa_J1KrYDzA
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