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  1. so you say you need design which you has own experience about atv about 2 years. And yet you still need another design to compete in baja contest. Am I right ? . So if someone has model that you can submit with those model. And than re-submitted those model's without permission from original designer. It's very ridiculous buddy. I'm sorry to say like that. Sorry
  2. may I sugessted a simplify your dissertation. So you try your best performance to find out correlation about transmission on oil motor sport beside re modelling in solid work. As I know before you try something, decide your purposed and goal. What are you really know and made a boundary hypothesis . So you can eliminate many factor that nothing correlation for your dissertation. Make sure your head journal research has been found out lately. SFMBE.
  3. based on this picture, I don't see any pre filter before air entering mixing chamber and medium filter after entering heating coil .
  4. I am confuse with your method in carbon steel pipe for transfer bitumen. The correlation of your purposed to install single tube and heat loss around mother pipe. What if I suggested to you used an infra red measuring instrument or using thermocouple sensor. So you can modelled for heat loss and easy to installed than using tube. (SFMBE)
  5. For manufacturing ideas, I think we should has new side view about the purposed a product created in manufacturing line. In decade we can see pandemic (specially sars Cov. 2) has made impact for role maufacturing produces. They iterally choose robotic and AI (Automation inteligent) for their main production line. If we don't update our knowledge , we never know how it happen and only know how it used to . (SFMBE)
  6. because multistage pump usually has higher head rate and it's usally installed in high rise building. Chemical industry usually has enormous condition such as corosive and high viscos. So it doesn't have for head rate. So if designer decided to use this pump type in chemical , it's not helpfull anymore. And it needs expensive cost to maintain this pump. Correct me if I wrong.
  7. first impression when I read your paper, this is can never be substitue fossil fuel ever. In my country (INA) , the government has been released B20 (mean ethanol 20 % mixing with diesel fuel) and it has positive impact for logistic company or common people. But it has negative impact especially for machine under 90's which it has old technology combustion diesel. Whether pandemic covid-19 begin , it can't heard anymore about progression from this program. So I am very interested for this project and hope soon it will reach B100. Nice paper Dr. Osama .
  8. let me try to give a suggestion. Your installation is more complex than your equation which you following. So many heat losses during operation especially when water outlet from solar heater into heat exchanger. About delta t (deviation temp) between outlet solar heater and inlet feeder tanks, you must notice when fluid has deviation temp. It also release heat energy so enthalpy must have deviation too. Correct me if I wrong.
  9. first of all, I ask your requirement. Did it same as I design for ice cream storage ? I suggest you to find out specification first before you start design . I could give my rough calculate for office room, it has heat load around 180 Kcal/sq m. So if you consider to design make sure wall get some sandwich panel to isolated from outside heat load. And get finished floor by epoxy coated (chemical resistant) . And also get AHU packaged for more cooling load capacity. Thank you and correct me if I wrong pls.
  10. So you find out kind of mask or you just confuse choosing filter for purifications ? I suggested you wear double mask , layer one is surgical mask and second layer is cotton mask. For outdoor activities such as riding bike you only have single mask for easy breath . And never push so hard while cycling .
  11. I don't agree following your statement about thermodynamic especially number four. I ever feel heat can be better works. If I can't reach deadline , my boss will angry and he shout loudly. But I don't care anymore and laugh loudly too. Jokes man but if it annoying so much I' sorry.
  12. maybe you can try this video.
  13. before I answer this quest , let me know exactly. What kind of pool do you try to design ? A lot of water boom for my case just calculate major losses plus 15% minor loses and flow rate of pumps depends on volume of balancing tanks. Because pool don't has any requirement for pressure. And you must added dosing chemical pump to avoid alga. For incoming water (especially water from well) you must added sand & carbon filter. Mangan filter needs when quality water has zinc material on it. If you try to design water fountain (maybe) you must calculate major head loses plus 30% of minor losess. It needs pressure on this nozzle and it has many shaped for kind of nozzle.
  14. Pressure regulator ? Usually this device sell packaged by instrument you buy it before. I mean if you buy nitro tanks. This device included in your quot. If you consider using product from fluid control, I suggest you to contact pricipal or sales engineer nearby. Hope this answer can help you. Have a nice day.
  15. do your homework by yourself. I thought this equations has been written on mechanical design books. Good luck.
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