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  1. Three shafts are connected by two belts . Figure attached for your better understanding. Thank you for your reply.
  2. In my machine i have to run a shaft by the servo motor through timing belt. Speed of the motor changes (reduces/increases) frequently. I need drive shaft to response faster based on the servo motor input. I would like to know which of the following two scenarios will respond faster. Scenario 1: Single long belt from servo motor to driven shaft Scenario 2: Using compound belt drive (two belts) between servo motor to driven shaft of same centers as of scenario 1 (function requirement calls for compound belt drive) Thanks in advance.
  3. Mass of 10kg object is suspended around the pulley through rope. What is the force required to lift an object by pulling other end of rope in following two cases. 1. Consider pulley is rotating 2. Consider pulley is not rotating Image attached for your reference
  4. I have a system which consist of two chambers. From one chamber to another air has to flow but dust particles sized micron level shouldn't be entered from one chamber to another. Currently I am using filter mesh for this application. But it has a limitation where dust particles accumulate on filter mesh for that I need some means like wiper to clean and due to wiper pressure filter mesh tears off. So please suggest me alternative for my application. Thanks in advance
  5. Does hysteresis occurs in helical extension spring? If yes,what really causes it to happen? How can it be reduced??
  6. Hi, Help me to calculate tightening torque of standard fasteners to instruct the assembly operators
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