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  1. second law provides the guidelines on the conversion of internal energy of matter into work. also introduces the concept of entropy. it also restricts the thermal efficiency of a heat engine to less than one. It stipulates that some portion of the energy absorbed as heat from a source must always be rejected to a low temperature sink. pmm2:- a device which would perform work solely by absorbing energy as heat from a body. A PMM2 is a hypothetical device which working cyclically, receives energy as heat from a single thermal reservoir, and delivers as equivalent amount of work. The Kelvin-Planck statement of the second law tells us that it is impossible to constructs a perpetual motion machine of the second kind PMM2
  2. hi plz email me seems intresting akankahameeng18@gmail.com
  3. i choose mechanical engineering because from childhood i visted so many sites where manufacturing,assembly etc were done and it always attracted me towards it and now i love to know the reasion and how all these things happen the technology used behind them and what new technology we can use to make our work more easier. according to me an engineer is 'system planner and problem solver' .
  4. sorry sir u have already written reforming once so any new word with r
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