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  1. allow me to first introduce the law of quadrants , sin and cos create the basis of our visualization . 0 to 90 being contain all (sin and cos) and also 180 to 270 contains tan (which is sin/cos) but 90-180 and 270-360 . in 2nd and 4th all our visualizations are affected. So they can not be use in Engineering Drawing.
  2. bearing in general acts to reduce friction but in addition bearings are circular in shape containing spherical bolls,by this essence bolls and circle always direct forces to a common center,other bearings contains pre-loaded grese (high speed bearing eg in motor bikes) and others they are loaded as service takes place ,this being done to improve efficience and functionality of abearing
  3. 1 is the nut*(hexagonal) and 2 is the bolt (Allan keyed )
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