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  1. Sanikapatel

    CAD software to use?

    Thank you from my side as well
  2. Sanikapatel

    designing software for mechanical engineer

    Yea this are most useful and have good scope in future as well as job point of view
  3. Sanikapatel

    Statics help

    Great help for me
  4. Sanikapatel

    cnc programming

    What type of support do you need??
  5. Is masters important for getting Quality job??
  6. Sanikapatel

    CNC Turning Machine

    You get you answer by referring these links:
  7. Sanikapatel

    summer training

    Do you want to learn for the sake of knowledge or to get proper job??
  8. Sanikapatel

    Types of Kinematic pairs

    Thank you so much for sharing your view on Kinematic pairs.
  9. These are enough for an basic interview to clear??
  10. Sanikapatel


    Does these things help other than interview Questions??
  11. Sanikapatel

    Attendance Please

  12. Sanikapatel


    If you want I have written a basic info on this. With some key features and links to study more If you allow then I shall share with you